Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pacman Retracts

(With apologies again)

What good is his word now? As with his blaming of his lawyers signing in his behalf with Golden Gloves, he blamed them, his lawyers. What the heck is this? Again he blames them for the airing of his fight with Hatton fiasco? Didn't he even dare Solar Sports to prove their side? It is just sad to see a famous boxer of the Philippines make a fool of himself. This does not seek perfection but mere common sense. He has so much money that he can do or say anything then pay his lawyers to take the blame! If I were one of his lawyers and with the easy job of "lawyering" for him, I'll take the blame anytime! Who cares anyway? He'll have to pay me well to protect his image!

Maybe he had a deal with ABS-CBN not to broadcast this or that until he has suckered Solar Sports into running after him! Who knows? He says he is into his last fights and is trying to gain more. He is like a small kid who tries to gain advantage through sacrificing others he controls!

Personally, I would rather have a Filipino boxer who fights a real fight, in deed and in mind! The "Pacman" could be a winner and champion as a boxer but a loser in mind! That's how the Filipinos lose the respect of other nations. Great in deed but poor in mind!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

On Manny Pacquiao Again

First my apologies again for this article not being a "before and now". . .

This is in disgust for the "pacman". I have admired Manny Pacquiao for his achievements but lost all that admiration and respect after switching over to ABS-CBN for the right of airing his fight against Ricky Hatton. His excuse, even if it will be valid, that payment to him by Solar Sports is delayed, is a
greedy excuse! He is earning so much that probably the delay will not make him any poorer or put him in trouble! He displays himself as a religious person but that only shows that he is only good for words and not in deeds!

His being famous worldwide will now have a question of what kind of a person he really is, for many people. It makes me laugh more now with his ambition to enter politics again. Why would anyone vote him when he does not respect his contracts? He did not even bother informing Solar Sports about it!

Even if retracts his committment with ABS-CBN, my admiration of him will not return. He has already shown his true color. A greedy person! I hope his sponsors will drop him

The Almighty will give him a lesson. He could lose his fight with Hatton because this will hang in his head until the fight. He will not see many punches that will be thrown at him.

To Filipinos, please do not vote for him if ever he runs for any government position.