Saturday, March 19, 2011

Earthquake prediction by Oarfish

A YouTube interview of Jim Berkland Earthquake Prediction 2011 mentioned the Oarfish a few seconds before ending.  The Oarfish is considered to be the longest fish that can grow up to 56 feet long while regular length is  around  30 feet!  An interesting trait of this fish is that they hold themselves straight up and down in the water, that is vertical and not horizontal.  They are rare because they can only be seen in the deepest regions of the oceans.  The fish does not have commercial value and the meat is inedible.

The Oarfish might be able to 'predict' earthquakes that will happen near the seas or undersea but not for inland earthquakes.  Seismic waves hardly travel well through water as not all types of seismic waves can travel through it.  So, it seems practical that only the Oarfish can probably 'sense' an impending tremor because of its upright position and length!  Furthermore it is solid and chances with its upright stance, the 'tail' could be touching the ocean floor frequently.  It therefore can feel the seismic wave go through the length of its body!

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