Saturday, April 5, 2014

Driving in Baguio City

Many of those who come to Baguio City driving their own vehicles are not aware of the courtesies while in the city.  They drive around as if they were still in the lowlands.  They do not know how to give way to uphill moving vehicles when they are  going downhill.  That is the reason why they sometimes have altercations with true Baguio people driving in the city.

True Baguio City drivers know how to acknowledge and thank a vehicle that gives way by two short honks on their.  The short honks or beep-beep means "thank you".

The same thing is true when passing vehicles.  They just want to get ahead and just pass vehicles in front of them.  It becomes scary and dangerous when they do that  on roads with a lot of curves.  Imagine when they do that driving uphill or downhill.

Here's hoping that this blog will get across people from other places who are driving in Baguio City.  Our traffic enforcement people no longer put signs like "Give way to vehicles going uphill".  We used to have those signs in the city.

Please drive carefully when in Baguio City.