Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Passion Fruit - Masaflora (Pinoy)

More than 40 years ago, Baguio City had a lot of Passion fruit growing in the wild.  It is a vine fruit that did not need extra or special attention to grow.  It's almost the size and shape of a large egg.  Easy to crack open  by pressing it between the base of the palms.  For those with vivid imaginations, you might find it gross that contents of the fruit are like small eyes resembling those of chicken eyes!  Well, that's the variety we have in our city. 

To us, it has a unique taste especially before it gets fully ripe.  More on the sour side and hardly any sweet taste.  Unless there's already some purple color showing on its skin or shell, it would be quite sour.  Adding salt to the 'raw' passion fruit gives it much flavor.  Personally, I prefer it raw than fully ripe.  It also very flavorful making it into juice!

Now I don't see them anymore around the city.  It is a wonder why something so easy to plant and care for has been neglected.  I have not been in the city market for a very long time now and I don't know if they're still selling the same passion fruit.  I've seen some a long time ago for sale but they were not the variety that I am describing here.

The Passion fruit is not as hardy as the Sunflowers and Pine trees.  It is a wonder because there are no pests that harm them.  Bees visit the flowers but when it starts grow the fruit, not even ants would bother them even when ripe.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jejomar Binay - True Oppositionist

The Philippines new vice-president Jejomar Binay in his campaign it was stressed that he is a true opposition.  Well, he took his oath of office and still stands pat at being an opposition.  The president was offering cabinet positions and he opposed all.  His convoy does not stop at traffic lights so he is still opposing what is supposed to be a good example being set by the president.  He is also opposing the fact that there is no vice-presidential home.
Maybe he was thinking the President anyway is not staying in Malacanang, it might just be offered to him.  To those who voted for him, look at what he doing now.  When he gets more power he will soon be also opposing you.