Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baguio's Wild Morning Glory Climbing Vine

The 'lanot' or 'lanut' is hardy climbing vine of Baguio City that's got purple flowers that opens up at sunrise.  In my curiosity, I searched, better yet googled it, and almost did not find anything like it published online.  It was only when I searched the entire phrase "Wild Morning Glory Climbing Vine" did I find photos and a blog about it.  It was  
called the Ivy-leaved Morning Glory (Ipomea cairica) and is also known in India as 'Mile a Minute vine'.

Curling up to close around 1:00 p.m.
The name Morning Glory is very deserving for the vine as the flowers are open only in the morning!  At 12 o'Clock noon time, the flowers start to slowly curl up and finally closes after an hour or so.  It is a sturdy vine because even if the tips have been cut off from its main "vine stem", the flowers continue to open and close at their designated time of day!

Closing around 1:00 p.m.
Baguio has so many unique plants that are not found elsewhere in the Philippines.  The native Sunflower and Pine Trees are the more popular ones.  There is also the "runo" that resembles and grows like a bamboo.  It is not as hardy and tough like a bamboo.  The inside of it is not hollow instead it is solid.  The "Runo" will deserve a blog and what its name is in English and its scientific name.

Credits to photo on link
This is a similar Morning Glory when it comes to flowers.  The difference can easily be seen with the leaves it has.  The leaves look more like that of the Sweet Potato (Kamote) leaves.
Flowers of the vine at the wires still open and close even it has been cut
The vines that have crept to the electric and telephone wires have been cut from the main vine as of this writing for almost a week now.  The flowers still continue on to open in the mornings and close at noon time.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

China greed at Scarborough Shoal

When China was not yet "commercialized", so to speak, their only concern was to promote their communism within their country.  Nothing really much about claiming ownership of whatever, outside their country.  Now they map the entire South China sea as theirs and their territory including the Scarborough Shoal, which just a little over a hundred kilometers away from the Philippine coast.  Would there be no more international waters anymore at the South China sea?

What if a Filipino or some Filipinos claim that their ancestors too have discovered a part of China, are they willing to leave or give out that area?  History also might have it that Chinese were in the Philippines much earlier than the Spanish and Portuguese, why didn't or don't they lay claim on the Philippines now?  Communist Chinese government officials' thinking are so absurd and ridiculous.  They might make a "Tiananmen Square massacre" at the Scarborough Shoal if the Philippine Coast boats stand their ground there!
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SM Baguio & Louie Garcia

It's been quite some time I have not posted anything on this blogspot.  The issue of SM Baguio was really not much of a concern to me until the planned cutting of 182 Pine trees, within a 1 hectare area, came up to give way for SM's parking space building.  Vigilant Baguio people were able to temporarily put that on hold with their protests.

The issue is a topic that comes up daily at Facebook because of so many events that have happened.  SM earthballed a few trees days ago in the middle of the night.  Observers, as of this writing, already saw the trees starting to wilt.  It is really sad for the people of Baguio because Pine trees could hardly be seen in the central business district anymore.

Going back to Facebook, Baguio people are defending the trees from SM and a multitude of posts and comments could be read daily.  To our disgust, there was an idiot by the name of Louie Garcia who posted this comment on one of the walls:

Translated:  "It is a must that all trees in Baguio should be cut, so it would trigger a landslide that would kill all the Igorots . . . they are too arrogant . . . go SM cut all the trees!!!"

This triggered a succession of shares of this comment posted and angered the people of Baguio with Facebook accounts that saw this.  Something similar to this comment was done by a Filipina abroad when Manila was battered by heavy typhoons some years ago.  Currently, there is an outrage at Facebook for the comment of this idiot Louie Garcia.  Though he may have many namesakes, his profile photo shows and he is the guy we are pointing to and nobody else.
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