Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baguio's Wild Morning Glory Climbing Vine

The 'lanot' or 'lanut' is hardy climbing vine of Baguio City that's got purple flowers that opens up at sunrise.  In my curiosity, I searched, better yet googled it, and almost did not find anything like it published online.  It was only when I searched the entire phrase "Wild Morning Glory Climbing Vine" did I find photos and a blog about it.  It was  
called the Ivy-leaved Morning Glory (Ipomea cairica) and is also known in India as 'Mile a Minute vine'.

Curling up to close around 1:00 p.m.
The name Morning Glory is very deserving for the vine as the flowers are open only in the morning!  At 12 o'Clock noon time, the flowers start to slowly curl up and finally closes after an hour or so.  It is a sturdy vine because even if the tips have been cut off from its main "vine stem", the flowers continue to open and close at their designated time of day!

Closing around 1:00 p.m.
Baguio has so many unique plants that are not found elsewhere in the Philippines.  The native Sunflower and Pine Trees are the more popular ones.  There is also the "runo" that resembles and grows like a bamboo.  It is not as hardy and tough like a bamboo.  The inside of it is not hollow instead it is solid.  The "Runo" will deserve a blog and what its name is in English and its scientific name.

Credits to photo on link
This is a similar Morning Glory when it comes to flowers.  The difference can easily be seen with the leaves it has.  The leaves look more like that of the Sweet Potato (Kamote) leaves.
Flowers of the vine at the wires still open and close even it has been cut
The vines that have crept to the electric and telephone wires have been cut from the main vine as of this writing for almost a week now.  The flowers still continue on to open in the mornings and close at noon time.

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