Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SM Baguio & Louie Garcia

It's been quite some time I have not posted anything on this blogspot.  The issue of SM Baguio was really not much of a concern to me until the planned cutting of 182 Pine trees, within a 1 hectare area, came up to give way for SM's parking space building.  Vigilant Baguio people were able to temporarily put that on hold with their protests.

The issue is a topic that comes up daily at Facebook because of so many events that have happened.  SM earthballed a few trees days ago in the middle of the night.  Observers, as of this writing, already saw the trees starting to wilt.  It is really sad for the people of Baguio because Pine trees could hardly be seen in the central business district anymore.

Going back to Facebook, Baguio people are defending the trees from SM and a multitude of posts and comments could be read daily.  To our disgust, there was an idiot by the name of Louie Garcia who posted this comment on one of the walls:

Translated:  "It is a must that all trees in Baguio should be cut, so it would trigger a landslide that would kill all the Igorots . . . they are too arrogant . . . go SM cut all the trees!!!"

This triggered a succession of shares of this comment posted and angered the people of Baguio with Facebook accounts that saw this.  Something similar to this comment was done by a Filipina abroad when Manila was battered by heavy typhoons some years ago.  Currently, there is an outrage at Facebook for the comment of this idiot Louie Garcia.  Though he may have many namesakes, his profile photo shows and he is the guy we are pointing to and nobody else.
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wilfred carino basquial said...

louie garcia may be a relative of Annie Garcia, a high profile executive of SM

lisa gil said...

isumet la gyam ah, in report koy account to, maluwam! say inkwan kon reason ket using hatefull speech and harassment. maluwam!

wilfred carino basquial said...

Now, let this unfortunate incident strengthen
our opposition to the tree cutting/mothballing of the poor trees. If these trees should go, Louie Garcia will triumph. Fellow Igorots, mansaksahey kitajo...