Sunday, April 18, 2010

River View Waterpark - Asin

We were at River View Resort again at Asin, Tuba yesterday, April 17, 2010.  As with the previous times we were there, it was to celebrate my youngest son's, Ace, birthday for April 23, his 18th.  The park has expanded with a lower tier of swimming pools.  Weekend accommodation there is still as full as before.  The lower part where cottages are located beside swimming pools are now only for private functions and for those staying overnight or beyond.

Our routine was the usual.  I did all the grilling of pork chops, milk fish and eggplants.  Ace and four of his buddies enjoyed the swimming, strolling and girl watching.  Ace took care of most of the food costs as a treat for his good online work income doing web designs.  Lunch time came and only then did we realize that we had prepared more food than we can consume.  It was a real native feast of  'inihaw' (grilled) food and 'kamayan' (eat with bare hands).  

After lunch and short rest, as my usual, I strolled around the park to see other improvements.  What I wanted to see again was the small park with man-made 'automated' bamboo waterfalls and the hut with a pond of large water lilies. At first, I thought I was lost.  Walking back and forth to where I know it is (or was) located, it was nowhere to be found.  It was sacrificed in exchange for improvements for parking.  Good thing I had photos and here are two photos: 

I'm not really sure if they have relocated it or not.  There was no point exploring any farther because the resort's property boundaries were already in sight from the new parking spaces.  I was simply disgusted because I intended to stay around that small park for at least half an hour.  It's good we had more than the photos above. (That's a quick before and now here for River View).

After two hours more on the resort, we were on our way back to Baguio City.  Along the way, my eldest son, Ryan,and I were talking about the circumferential road we wanted to try passing on the way back.  About 4 or 5 kilometers on the road, we spotted a monitor lizard (bayawak) leisurely crossing the road.  My family was excited because we never expected wildlife to still be around in the area.  Slowing down and stopped, we watched the lizard cross and as we passed it my son gave it a 'reverse' whistle.  The only time it scampered into the green beside the road.  Actually, Ryan wanted to get the lizard and take care of it.  It was a happy encounter with wildlife unexpectedly.

Going back to the circumferential road, we came upon a junction that pointed there.  We all agreed to take it.  Well, what do you know?  Almost exactly the same distance with the original route but with wider roads and a lot less traffic!  It was a good experience and relaxation from the hectic job we do online.  Both Ryan and I do writing articles online, full time.
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