Monday, June 11, 2012

Pacquiao-Bradley judges' Scorecard

Fortunately, a friend at Facebook posted this scorecard of the judges of the Pacquiao-Bradley fight.  Analyzing the way the judges scored for Bradley, Duane Ford had two rounds that were doubtfully given to Bradley.

Duane Ford had Bradley win in rounds   1,      5,  7,  8,  9,  10       and 12
CJ Ross had it for Bradley in rounds          2,  5,  7,  8,       10, 11 and 12
Jerry Roth saw Bradley win in rounds        2,       7,            10, 11 and 12

Round 1 and 9 were given by Duane Ford to Bradley which the other two judges gave to Pacquiao.  Ford's scorecard had  Bradley win straight from Round 5 through 10 to which many will disagree!  Taking out round 1 and 9 from the scorecard of Ford will give Pacquiao the split decision.

An investigation on the scoring must include a slow-motion replay of the bout and let the three judges watch it carefully and point out where and how they saw Bradley as the winner.  Let other boxing judges view it with them to find out how they did the scoring. In basketball, slow motion replay becomes the point of reference when it comes to buzzer-beating winning shots.  Slow motion replay will either absolve them or condemn them.

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