Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pacquiao-Cotto Firepower Analysis

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao Analysis

  1. He came from the 108 lb. division and now at 140 lbs plus welterweight division.
  2. Most of his fights in heavier divisions were abbreviated or short. A question if he could last 12 rounds in those weights.
  3. He moved up to next higher weights without defending the titles he won.
  4. He seems to move around the ring better than Cotto.
  5. It will be observed in their pictorial that his clenched fist is about 1/3 larger than Cottos. Given that the gloves have the same padding thickness his punch will deliver a harder blow.
  6. He is vulnerable to counter-punching. (As proven in his fights against Barrera)
Miguel Cotto Analysis

  1. He is a natural welterweight and has proven his worth fighting and defending his title in that division.
  2. His fight against Mosley shows he can take really hard punches and not bothered.
  3. His "killer instinct" is similar to that of Muhammad Ali. He senses when his opponent is about to come down.
  4. His build is natural while Pacquiao gained weight while developing his built.
  5. His smaller fist might denote speed but could lack impact for knocking down or knocking out an opponent.
  6. His stance with both hands covering the face and elbows open is an opportunity for an opponent to go for his abdomen or uppercut.
The "Ifs" of the Fight:

  • If in the first 4 rounds neither of them hurts the other considerably, it could go the distance but could be in Cottos favor as a natural welterweight.
  • The first 4 rounds could favor Pacquiao because of his larger fist that would have a stronger or harder impact.
  • If both get hurt equally in the first 4 rounds, Pacquiaos larger fist could be in his favor as it would deal a heavier blow.
  • If any of them get weakened in the first 6 rounds, the stronger would prevail. Both have will power but stamina will have a big role. This could be in favor of Cotto as shown in his fight with Mosley.
  • If both fighters will be too careful and avoid getting hurt, it will last the whole 12 rounds and decision will be close. A draw or split decision is possible.
  • If after 8 rounds both are worn out, the referee should look closely for possible head butts that could end the fight prematurely.
  • If they will both be moving around the ring all throughout with lesser punches thrown at each other, it might become a boring championship fight. (Nobody would care who wins or loses)
  • Finally, anyone of them who would know how reserve their "firepower" until the last few rounds will prevail either via knockout or points.