Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pacquiao-Cotto Firepower Analysis

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao Analysis

  1. He came from the 108 lb. division and now at 140 lbs plus welterweight division.
  2. Most of his fights in heavier divisions were abbreviated or short. A question if he could last 12 rounds in those weights.
  3. He moved up to next higher weights without defending the titles he won.
  4. He seems to move around the ring better than Cotto.
  5. It will be observed in their pictorial that his clenched fist is about 1/3 larger than Cottos. Given that the gloves have the same padding thickness his punch will deliver a harder blow.
  6. He is vulnerable to counter-punching. (As proven in his fights against Barrera)
Miguel Cotto Analysis

  1. He is a natural welterweight and has proven his worth fighting and defending his title in that division.
  2. His fight against Mosley shows he can take really hard punches and not bothered.
  3. His "killer instinct" is similar to that of Muhammad Ali. He senses when his opponent is about to come down.
  4. His build is natural while Pacquiao gained weight while developing his built.
  5. His smaller fist might denote speed but could lack impact for knocking down or knocking out an opponent.
  6. His stance with both hands covering the face and elbows open is an opportunity for an opponent to go for his abdomen or uppercut.
The "Ifs" of the Fight:

  • If in the first 4 rounds neither of them hurts the other considerably, it could go the distance but could be in Cottos favor as a natural welterweight.
  • The first 4 rounds could favor Pacquiao because of his larger fist that would have a stronger or harder impact.
  • If both get hurt equally in the first 4 rounds, Pacquiaos larger fist could be in his favor as it would deal a heavier blow.
  • If any of them get weakened in the first 6 rounds, the stronger would prevail. Both have will power but stamina will have a big role. This could be in favor of Cotto as shown in his fight with Mosley.
  • If both fighters will be too careful and avoid getting hurt, it will last the whole 12 rounds and decision will be close. A draw or split decision is possible.
  • If after 8 rounds both are worn out, the referee should look closely for possible head butts that could end the fight prematurely.
  • If they will both be moving around the ring all throughout with lesser punches thrown at each other, it might become a boring championship fight. (Nobody would care who wins or loses)
  • Finally, anyone of them who would know how reserve their "firepower" until the last few rounds will prevail either via knockout or points.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Typhoons and Storms

Both Tropical Storm Ketsana a.k.a "Ondoy" in September 26 and the Oct. 3 landfall of Typhoon Parma a.k.a "Pepeng" seemed to be the most devastating typhoons in my 55 years of existence! I thought that the typhoons (3 or 4 of them all at the same time) in 1970 was the worst because it was said that the floods in Central Luzon had practically divided the Luzon Island! I was just a teener then and did not care much about property damage. As far as I can recall, there were no really large catastrophies and a large number of casualties then as what Ondoy and Pepeng had caused. Back then, we thought it was something like what the Bible says about 40 days and 40 nights of rain! Classes were suspended for weeks if not a month.

Baguio City and La Trinidad were not experiencing floods and landslides as it experiences nowadays! The 3 feet-by-3 feet canal running beside our house then did not even overflow! The only solution to this is to delay and slow down the flow of rainwater. Fast flowing water scours its passages and dumps water in waterways faster than it could accomodate.

As of this writing, a
nother typhoon threatens Northern and Central Luzon. Internationally known as Lupit locally named as Ramil. Lupit is a Filipino word that means cruel or brutal. We sincerely hope that it will not be as cruel and brutal as Ketsana (Ondoy) and Parma (Pepeng), if ever it crosses again Luzon.

Credits: Photo courtesy of Fidel A. Demot on his Facebook post MORE PHOTOS ON THIS LINK

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Philippine Elections 2010

The Philippine Elections for 2010 is just a little over a year from now. With the passing of the late Corazon C. Aquino, the only son Noynoy Aquino saw the opportunity to take advantage of the situation. Truth is, personally, I prefer Mar Roxas over him. However, the Filipino sentiment of having another Aquino as president seems to prevail. This has caused other presidentiables to find ways and means to counteract the sentiment.

A surprising 'turn-of-event' is Ping Lacson and Erap Estrada exchanging barbs! This is really controversial! Former friends and allies now going at each other? Not really, Erap is from the showbiz and he knows too well that controversies like this could overwhelm the "Noynoy" clamor. Filipinos also know too well that to gain popularity, there must be some controversy! That's how it goes in the Philippine movielandia and so adapted in politics. Next move now for Noynoy is for her sisters to create a controversy. Try to beat that Erap and Ping! Family controversy is more intriguing than friendship controversy!

To the Filipino people, forget about these issues and controversies. It's the cheapest wasy to buy votes for the aspirants. It is hard enough to 'run' a family, what more for an entire nation? Danding Cojuangco never supported Ninoy Aquino and was a staunch ally of the Marcoses. Erap has his family behind him but has other offsprings outside! What's that for family? Ass for Ping Lacson, I really don't know his 'how-abouts' or 'what-abouts'. I categorize him in the same level with Gregorio "Gringo" Honasan. They are great people, but how good they are? That is the question.

Remember this, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo came out on top her senatorial bid, topped as vice-presidential but was much criticized when president. Her biggest mistake was declaring not to run again in a Christmas message - that, to me, was her down fall - she has no word of honor. So in the 2010 elections . . . vote for the ones that are most controversial or popular! Care only for how you feel and not how you really should feel.

By the way, I have not voted in the past since FVR. Registration problems and many other things. It was a good thing because no regrets for those I should have voted for.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cory & Ninoy Aquino

Watching the funeral of former President Corazon Aquino brought back some memories of Ninoy Aquinos funeral that I also watched on television in 1983. It seemed like the crowd was of the same magnitude. The yellow ribbons and confetti . . . the truck bearing the coffin . . . people looking out from office building windows . . . and those just along the street, it was like a "replay".

The feeling though was different. During Ninoys funeral, I felt that the Filipinos had lost a man who would have been the only one to topple the Marcos dictatorship and regime. It felt at that time that Martial Law, declared some time 1971 or 72, was here to stay forever in the Philippines. I was just an undergraduate freshman when it was declared. It was just sort of lifted in 1981. The dictatorship was finally taken out from office in early1986 by the People Power Revolution that stood behind Cory Aquino who really won the elections.

During Corys funeral, it felt to me like the 'Overseer' of those who took after her as President would no longer be around to rally people in case something goes wrong with their administration. Whoever were successors to the presidency after her, knew Cory would be watching their moves. She was simply 'a force to reckon with' to them.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sickness & Health

If my memory serves me right, until my mid-20s, the most dreaded and contracted diseases then were Venereal diseases. Nothing really much about cancer, and AIDS was still unknown. For resurgent or re-surging diseases, I don't remember any except me contracting measles twice long after my first one during childhood. As for health and fitness, we used to play basketball all day, sometimes even into the night on concrete floors and hardly any of us had injuries that would side-line us for more than a week! There were also no energy or re-hydration drinks! Coke or other soft drinks were enough! There was no mineral or bottled water too.

Now w
e have to contend with deadly Influenza (Flu), and Pneumonia that has caused the demise of many who about to be discharged from the hospital! Tuberculosis (TB) is still much around. Cancer, AIDS and other debilitating diseases are causing much problems especially with the cost of health care! Sports athletes seem to be "weaker" because they get side-lined in spite of modern techniques, medicines and exercises to tune them up! There are all kinds of energy sports drinks and energy bars but don't seem to serve their purpose! Survival is now getting to be more challenging even with the advances in technology.

See what AH1N1 is doing now to the world!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hayden & Katrina

The sex video recorded by Hayden Kho brought about many issues on life. There are some personal and private things that people do that probably only a few would know. Many of them, if not most, may be embarrassing for the public to know. What more for celebrities?!?

The Hayden-Katrina video became full-blown because they are celebrities and most of those who would watch that video would recognize them! Probably they only wanted that video only to themselves but some opportunistic people made it public. Nobody really knows how Hayden and Katrina are, in their very private selves. The video exposed how they are in their very intimate privacy! When celebrities are in public, they will say they are not this or that. They are bent on keeping that "idol image".

If what people do is kept secret, then it is best kept that way. That would be for personal reasons and for whatever good purpose it would serve them. There are some things that people do when by themselves, or just with the family, but don't do it in public. Some say to others they don't know how to sing but they sing when they are alone! There are those who eat in public as if they are always on fine dining, but mind you, when they are alone or just with their family at home, they eat like voraciously and noisily like pigs! Even those, when shown in video to the public, are embarrassing.

Well, that's really the issue here. Video or recorded secrets, if for the intention of private consumption, should not be shared.

Friday, May 15, 2009


It used to be that our parents trusted us in enrolling ourselves when we reach 3rd or 4th year in high school until we graduated from college. We were also trusted by the school and parents to get get our report cards after each grading period. The trust on doing things the right way in school was there and no need for PTAs!

It's difficult to recall when all these distrust started but most probably it was in the 1980s. The truth is, it has become a burden to many parents doing all of those things adolescents could actually do. It is especially irritating when the school asks for those PTA or classroom meetings. Do they call that more concern and participation? I view it more as distrust! It's also so disgusting when report cards are due. Parents take off from work, wait at least an hour, teacher-talk, etcetera! If we were able to do it then, shouldn't it be more "do-able" now?

There are more problems now in the youth compared to our time in the 60s and 70s.
It is the distrust initiated by the schools. Parents trust their children, schools don't.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

RP Boxing Champions

Donaire and Viloria became instant hits and heroes in the Philippine sports of boxing. I don't recall, if any, something similar to this in the past. Their wins were very convincing even with the under cards that won against non-Filipino opponents.

It was just sad that no matter what channel I tried to look for their televised fight, there was none! I have set that date to watch their fights. Do they need to be Pacquiaos first before full live fight is given coverage by television stations? What if the the Pacman falls in his fight with Hatton? Would these TV stations be scrambling for rights in the future fights of Donaire and Viloria?

It has been that way for Filipino TV stations. Not even a single station was able to air those fights! It was like that then . . . sorry to say . . . it's still the same way now! Okay! So, Donaire and Viloria . . . be ready to up your "ante" if and when Pacquiao fails to win against Hatton!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Passing Away

From August 2000 to April 24, 2001 we had 4 deaths in the family. First was our sister-in-law in August, followed by our father in September 12, lost our sister to cancer in November 4, then our mother in April 24 of 2001.

On April 11, 2009, almost exactly 8 years after, my brother
passed away with complications from kidney failure that led to cardiac arrest. He is the husband of my sister-in-law who passed away in August of 2000. Though he would be 70 on September of this year, it was difficult to accept that he succumbed to an unlikely disease, uncommon in our family, just like the sister we lost to cancer.

Death is a reality that will happen to us all and must be accepted. But acceptance becomes difficult if the cause is not natural or it was untimely. It was a lot easier to accept the passing of our father and mother as they were 88 and 85 years of age then respectively. It was really about time for them to rest because 5 years before their demise, life was quite difficult for them to get along with. They both passed away quietly without pain. Our sister and brother faced the fact that their time was about to come for months. It was as difficult for them as it was for us. Their quality of life was way below normal during the months after they were diagnosed. The treatments and hospitalizations were more of an agony for them as it was for us seeing them in that state.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pacman Retracts

(With apologies again)

What good is his word now? As with his blaming of his lawyers signing in his behalf with Golden Gloves, he blamed them, his lawyers. What the heck is this? Again he blames them for the airing of his fight with Hatton fiasco? Didn't he even dare Solar Sports to prove their side? It is just sad to see a famous boxer of the Philippines make a fool of himself. This does not seek perfection but mere common sense. He has so much money that he can do or say anything then pay his lawyers to take the blame! If I were one of his lawyers and with the easy job of "lawyering" for him, I'll take the blame anytime! Who cares anyway? He'll have to pay me well to protect his image!

Maybe he had a deal with ABS-CBN not to broadcast this or that until he has suckered Solar Sports into running after him! Who knows? He says he is into his last fights and is trying to gain more. He is like a small kid who tries to gain advantage through sacrificing others he controls!

Personally, I would rather have a Filipino boxer who fights a real fight, in deed and in mind! The "Pacman" could be a winner and champion as a boxer but a loser in mind! That's how the Filipinos lose the respect of other nations. Great in deed but poor in mind!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

On Manny Pacquiao Again

First my apologies again for this article not being a "before and now". . .

This is in disgust for the "pacman". I have admired Manny Pacquiao for his achievements but lost all that admiration and respect after switching over to ABS-CBN for the right of airing his fight against Ricky Hatton. His excuse, even if it will be valid, that payment to him by Solar Sports is delayed, is a
greedy excuse! He is earning so much that probably the delay will not make him any poorer or put him in trouble! He displays himself as a religious person but that only shows that he is only good for words and not in deeds!

His being famous worldwide will now have a question of what kind of a person he really is, for many people. It makes me laugh more now with his ambition to enter politics again. Why would anyone vote him when he does not respect his contracts? He did not even bother informing Solar Sports about it!

Even if retracts his committment with ABS-CBN, my admiration of him will not return. He has already shown his true color. A greedy person! I hope his sponsors will drop him

The Almighty will give him a lesson. He could lose his fight with Hatton because this will hang in his head until the fight. He will not see many punches that will be thrown at him.

To Filipinos, please do not vote for him if ever he runs for any government position.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Friendly terms

Recalling how close friends or associates used terms to address each other besides their name or nicknames, I remember my parents call them "Kumpadre or Kumpare" (for the male species) and "Kumadre or Kumare" (for the female species). That was in the 1960s. Well, that was for the more elderly or those married and/or with children. The younger generation male then picked up from this, shortening it to "Pare" among their male pals. I don't think the younger women then used "Mare" addressing friends.

re, kumpare, kumadre and kumare are monickers (if that's the right term) for those who are godfathers or godmothers for a friends son or daughter. These monickers denote closeness of friendship that made it the reason why Filipinos used the terms for friends. In urban cities, I believe, the terms are still used in short as "pare or mare".

In the 70s, there were many terms used to address friends such as "Uto
l or 'tol" (meaning brother/sister), "pards" (a corrupted short for partner) and "Bro", often pronounced as "bru" adopted from the military short for brother. This was for the younger generation. The Kumpadre or Kumpare and Kumadre or Kumare were still much used by older people until the mid 1990s. The shorter versions of Pare, Pre or Mare are still used by the middle aged.

Some time in the 80s, the terms "Chong (tsong) and Chang (tsang)" were also used to address friends. It was the short for "Tiyong and Tiyang" that meant uncle and aunt. It was short lived though. In the late 1980s, if I remember right, I heard my teenage son and his friends again ad
dress each other as "'tol". Until now, it still seems to be the common reference among friends for the younger generation, something like 40 years old and below.

What it was in our city could be different in other localities, then and now.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fashion & Style Trend

This fashion trend is only for men and boys because I don't really know how it was for women or girls then. If I remember right, somewhere in the mid-1960s to the late 60s, when pants were somewhat skin tight. I think it was also at that time that denims and jeans started to become a fad. You could not get in them with your shoes on. There were some styles that had zippers on the inner leg bottoms, just so to be able to get feet through them. Following those years, came the flared or bell-bottomed pants, in direct contrast. The Philippines is a trend follower of what is "in" in the U.S. of A.

On hairstyle, the Elvis Presley style with sticky and greasy pomade was "in" until some time mid-60s when the mop top Beatles started to gain fame. When the Beatles took center stage, that was the advent of the "long-hair" era. Other bands that became famous sported longer hair than what the Beatles had. The famous pomade lost its gloss and hold. During that era, many barbershops closed down. Womens' hair saloons were more frequented by long-haired men. I don't deny that I was one of them.

In the recent past, late 90s to present, the fad of over-sized or loose garments came in. It seems that old clothes of Dad in the 1940s or 50s were back (only not to size). Putting sports jerseys over them also became a fad! Many 'rappers' sported this fashion.

Hairstyle for men almost went nowhere! Why? Because the trend became "No-Hair"! Clean shaven bald head was in! Barbershops started crop again as there was no styling needed. They are the experts in shaving the head. No style to worry about. The hairstyle for men now is on how one feels about it. There are still a good number of younger guys who prefer bald. I think this trend about hair for men will not change not until an entertainer as famous as the Beatles or Elvis Presley will again set a trend.

Photo credits to Yahoo! Images

Monday, January 26, 2009

Employment & Population

Employment becomes difficult with the increase of population. When I graduated in 1975, as long as one had a college degree it was easy to find a good paying job. The population then was around 51 million. In 1990, it was difficult even to find a job, more so to get employed for the course I took. The demand for jobs at that time was on the IT industry.

Now that the IT industry does not have that much demand for employment, the Medical requirements for nurses is on the uptrend. My point here is, there are so many nursing graduates way back 5 years ago or more, unlike the demand for IT jobs before. How come there are still a majority of them that remain unemployed on their field? It looks like getting a nursing job abroad is a lottery! Many of them are waiting for the chance to find the "pot-o-gold" working abroad!

Based on census and statistics, the following graph shows the population of the Philippines:

POPULATION (in millions)
Indicator 1980 1990 1995 2000 2010
Total country . . . . . . . 51,092 65,036 72,859 80,961 112,963
Urban. . . . . . . . . . . . . 20,028 31,159 38,142 45,953 82,203
Rural . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31,064 33,877 34,717 35,008 30,760