Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hayden & Katrina

The sex video recorded by Hayden Kho brought about many issues on life. There are some personal and private things that people do that probably only a few would know. Many of them, if not most, may be embarrassing for the public to know. What more for celebrities?!?

The Hayden-Katrina video became full-blown because they are celebrities and most of those who would watch that video would recognize them! Probably they only wanted that video only to themselves but some opportunistic people made it public. Nobody really knows how Hayden and Katrina are, in their very private selves. The video exposed how they are in their very intimate privacy! When celebrities are in public, they will say they are not this or that. They are bent on keeping that "idol image".

If what people do is kept secret, then it is best kept that way. That would be for personal reasons and for whatever good purpose it would serve them. There are some things that people do when by themselves, or just with the family, but don't do it in public. Some say to others they don't know how to sing but they sing when they are alone! There are those who eat in public as if they are always on fine dining, but mind you, when they are alone or just with their family at home, they eat like voraciously and noisily like pigs! Even those, when shown in video to the public, are embarrassing.

Well, that's really the issue here. Video or recorded secrets, if for the intention of private consumption, should not be shared.

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