Monday, June 17, 2013

Philippine Economy improving?

News about the Philippine economy is improving does not seem right.  Small businesses should be thriving but it does not seem so.  In the past year, so many internet cafes and shops closed down in Baguio's CBD.  A month ago an eatery cum sari-sari store near my computer shop closed down, then another nearby sari-sari store that virtually had no overhead costs closed down two days ago.

QuadMen NetShop
For my internet shop business, it has been down by more than 50% since late 2012.  It is marginally getting over break-even in most of the days.  Below break-even days in a month is around 60%.  Early this morning, my niece who lives nearby, asked if we could sell school supplies in the shop.  She's also feeling not well with whatever income she's making.

It's a wonder where the economy is making good in the Philippines. Maybe it would be just the big businesses.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Deuterium - Philippines has the largest resource

Thanks to a post on Facebook that tells about Deuterium that can make the Philippines one of the most richest country in the world. The details about this deposit mentions that the Philippines has the largest because of the deep trenches in its seas.

Deuterium is alternative fuel that is now being used by some countries.  It said the Philippines can earn $30 billion dollars a year from this fuel.

It is said that this could be the reason why other Asian countries are interested in staking claims on islands and seas that are rightfully within the territory of the Philippines.  Also, a reason why politicians want to keep their positions in the government.