Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baguio City local Candidates - May 10, 2010

The multi-party system elections is more confusing, if not more disturbing.  Baguio City is such a small city with a population that shows to be around 292,977 (as of May 2007), according to the PLDT directory for 2009-2010.  The registered voters list is around 155,000 according to a local web site.  The number of candidates for the top positions is just crazy!  Let's hope that voters in Baguio vote wisely and intelligently.  There are ten (10) running for Mayor and here's the list: 
  • 01 Barcelo, Ruben Liwag "Ben"; (IND. )
  • 02 Busacay-lazo, Erlinda Adan "Erlinda"; (IND. )
  • 03 Domogan, Mauricio Gamsao "Morris"; (LKS-KAM )
  • 04 Go, Marquez Ocampo "Mark"; (PMP )
  • 05 Hernandez, Guillermo Codinera "Willie"; (IND. )
  • 06 Labo, Ramon Jr Lozano "Jun"; (IND. )
  • 07 Mandapat, Julius Javier "Butch"; (IND. )
  • 08 Molintas, Jose Mencio "Joe"; (LP )
  • 09 Puzon, Peter Dulay "Terminator"; (IND. )
  • 10 Sembrano, Elaine Dominguez "Kabsat"; (PDP LABAN )
For the Congressional seat, 9 running for it and they are:

  • 01 Avila, Edgar Mendoza "Ed"; (PMP )
  • 02 Balisong, Rocky Thomas Aspilan "Rocky"; (NP )
  • 03 Bautista, Reinaldo Asperin "Rey"; (IND. )
  • 04 Bello Iii, Dwight Nicolas Advincula "Ike"; (IND. )
  • 05 Quilala, Rabinrandranah Pablo "Kabagis"; (PDP LABAN )
  • 06 Ramos, Felipe Tribonalo "Felipe"; (IND. )
  • 07 Vergara, Bernardo Mangaoang "Bernie"; (LKS-KAM )
  • 08 Yangot, Leandro Jr. Bagto "Leandro"; (LP )
  • 09 Yaranon, Braulio Dacanay "Raul"; (LDP )
There are 57 candidates for the City Council and only three (3) running for Vice-Mayor!

If there are 10 candidates for Mayor and 9 for Congress, then this simply shows that each of these candidates do not believe each other for the benefit of Baguio!  Anyone who wins in those two posts will win in number or by popularity but not by majority.  The majority would have voted for someone else.  How would you let an election winner seat in an elective position who was not voted by the majority?

With the number of those running for mayor and congress it is a display that, except for the incumbents of course, the rest were not satisfied on how they served the city.  Both incumbents are now running for the other seat.  One has been a ping-pong ball on both seats while the other intends to jump to a higher seat.

Years before, I think even when the multi-party system was already in, there would be only at most, 4 candidates for each Mayoralty and Congressional seat in Baguio.  Very often, the winner wins by majority, if not real close to it.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

River View Waterpark - Asin

We were at River View Resort again at Asin, Tuba yesterday, April 17, 2010.  As with the previous times we were there, it was to celebrate my youngest son's, Ace, birthday for April 23, his 18th.  The park has expanded with a lower tier of swimming pools.  Weekend accommodation there is still as full as before.  The lower part where cottages are located beside swimming pools are now only for private functions and for those staying overnight or beyond.

Our routine was the usual.  I did all the grilling of pork chops, milk fish and eggplants.  Ace and four of his buddies enjoyed the swimming, strolling and girl watching.  Ace took care of most of the food costs as a treat for his good online work income doing web designs.  Lunch time came and only then did we realize that we had prepared more food than we can consume.  It was a real native feast of  'inihaw' (grilled) food and 'kamayan' (eat with bare hands).  

After lunch and short rest, as my usual, I strolled around the park to see other improvements.  What I wanted to see again was the small park with man-made 'automated' bamboo waterfalls and the hut with a pond of large water lilies. At first, I thought I was lost.  Walking back and forth to where I know it is (or was) located, it was nowhere to be found.  It was sacrificed in exchange for improvements for parking.  Good thing I had photos and here are two photos: 

I'm not really sure if they have relocated it or not.  There was no point exploring any farther because the resort's property boundaries were already in sight from the new parking spaces.  I was simply disgusted because I intended to stay around that small park for at least half an hour.  It's good we had more than the photos above. (That's a quick before and now here for River View).

After two hours more on the resort, we were on our way back to Baguio City.  Along the way, my eldest son, Ryan,and I were talking about the circumferential road we wanted to try passing on the way back.  About 4 or 5 kilometers on the road, we spotted a monitor lizard (bayawak) leisurely crossing the road.  My family was excited because we never expected wildlife to still be around in the area.  Slowing down and stopped, we watched the lizard cross and as we passed it my son gave it a 'reverse' whistle.  The only time it scampered into the green beside the road.  Actually, Ryan wanted to get the lizard and take care of it.  It was a happy encounter with wildlife unexpectedly.

Going back to the circumferential road, we came upon a junction that pointed there.  We all agreed to take it.  Well, what do you know?  Almost exactly the same distance with the original route but with wider roads and a lot less traffic!  It was a good experience and relaxation from the hectic job we do online.  Both Ryan and I do writing articles online, full time.
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Camp John Hay - Before

The Camp John Hay (CJH) Air Force Base of before was originally a United States Armed Forces military reservation.  It was not really a military camp or installation but a recreation facility for USAF men stationed in various real military bases in the Philippines.  There was no airstrip or any military equipment in the base.  It has a beautiful golf course (I don't play golf) that is a main attraction to many, locals and military personnel alike.  The course is so well designed and had an annual event every December that foreigners and locals participate in.

The Main Gate, as they call it, was practically at the tip of  the main city road, Session Road.  A very welcoming main entry to the base.  Until the early 70s, I believe, to have access to CJH, you have to apply for a gate pass as long as you're 18 years old and above.  It was such as a great recreation center that it was the main center also for night life before.

Camp John Hay had the Half-Way House that featured nightly band performers and a dance floor.  In its earlier years it had some slot machines somewhere at back part.  Not far from there, maybe half a mile, is the Mile High Bowling Center.  It had only 6-lanes of fully automated Ten-Pin facility.  Aside from that there were pinball machines, pool tables, darts, table tennis and an unforgettable snack center.  For about the same distance more into the base is the 19th Tee Golf Club to the left and the Billeting Office to the right, coming from the fork of the road.

Farther up from the golf club is the Scout Hill that has more open-air recreation facilities. A baseball field, volleyball court, tennis courts, skating rink, ice cream parlor, snack bar, a mini-golf course and a children's playground.  It is actually a park within the main circumferential road.  Across the roads are beautiful cottages where military personnel are billeted.  Across the volleyball court is an entry leading to the Ambassador's residence.  I believe the location of the residence is where General Yamashita surrendered (or yielded his Samurai) to the U.S. armed forces after World War II (I hope I'm right with this one)
Okay, this one's getting too long - from here I'll to do a Part 2 next time - more on the surroundings of Scout Hill.  (I hope I can also get some old photos of CJH)
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Sunday, April 4, 2010


After three (3) long months, finally PLDT was able to resolve my DSL problems.  It really needed for their technician to come and see what's wrong.  Before coming over he checked with their Makati office.  He said that my "profile" was not updated in their system that's why it would disengage or lose connection with servers.  It seemed to have worked after my profile was updated.  It did not work very long.  The technician was as pissed off as I with the problem so he came over to check my PC internet connection.

At home, he called the Makati office to coordinate and track my connection.  He asked Makati to configure my system.  With that, my internet was able to connect with servers and access websites.  When the tech man tested the speed, he was not impressed.  It was too slow for what for the plan I subscribed to.  Finally he said he was going to replace the modem.  He said the my old modem was taking too long to find and access an IP address.  Besides the old modem is 3 years old and might have some problems.  After replacing it with their latest modem, everything worked well.

The problem could have resolved much earlier if PLDT's 172 agents knew what to look or trace for.  They should have known that we subscribed to PilTel before it was taken over by PLDT.  Being one of the top companies in the Philippines they should be able to train those people very well.

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