Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year's Luck - Filipino Style

Towards the coming of every New Year, Filipinos always look for what would be lucky for them for the coming year.  When Feng Shui became famous, Filipino-Chinese saw the opportunity of making lucky charms out of the practice.  Round objects like coins, fruits and crystals were used in given sets of numbers, said to be lucky.

Prominent TV shows in the Philippines invite people who preach or promote Feng Shui to show viewers what could be or would be lucky for them.  One presenter at the +GMA Unang Hirit show said a door was passive because it is located on the left.  On the left of what?  Then, said that seven (7) coins of various denominations should be kept in a pouch as number 7 is a lucky number.

He proceeded next to the dining table and said there should be a fruit basket that should hold eight (8) round fruits!  Saying 8 is also a lucky number.  (More Chinese, I believe, go for the number 8 as luckier than 7)

It is noticeable that every year, these so called Feng Shui "experts" change what will be needed to prepare for New Year as lucky.  Okay so the Chinese zodiac changes every year - that might be their contention.  The bottom line is, the supposedly 'lucky' things do not make them any more prosperous.

Those who did not have that much luck can ask the "experts" why.  This is where their sales talk comes in.  They will ask for the birth date and time of the unlucky person.  That's when they tell the person he or she needs this and that to get lucky.  For the gullible, they spend or buy more of what the "expert" offers.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Top 3 Filipino Boxers

Filipino boxers have had a good showing from the year 2000.  No doubt many would pick Manny Pacquiao as number one because of the several weight divisions he is champion.  On a personal choice, I pick Nonito Donaire for the top Filipino boxer followed by Brian Viloria and third, Manny Pacquiao.

Why?  Nonito Donaire has successfully defended his title and very convincingly won over his opponents.  Most, I believe, did not go the distance.  Brian Viloria lost his one or two earlier 2000 fights but did a very convincing comeback defeating almost all, if not all, that were favored against him.  

Manny Pacquiao holds several titles but his recent fights from 2011 to the present were not convincing, even if he won some of them.  The big difference comparing Donaire and Viloria to Pacquiao is, he (Pacquiao) is too "politicized" and "religionized".  Political and religious people were too quick to pounce on Manny Pacquiao for the money he was making, knocking him out of his focus in boxing.

What politics and religion did to Manny Pacquiao is not crab mentality but actual crab actions pulling down Manny from his achievements.  They made him believe that politics and religion did him well in boxing.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez IV

The natural body of Pacquiao vs. Marquez' not-normal body
Juan Manuel Marquez might be showing off his muscles.  One thing he does not know is big muscles will drain his energy.  He might be strong enough until the 5th or 6th round but after that he will start losing power.  Another thing, he never fought with those kinds of muscles and does not even know if it will work for him or against him.

Manny Pacquiao still has the same built.  So his energy and power will last until the 12th round.  What we do not know is, if he can take the punches of Marquez in the early rounds.  If Manny is not knocked-out by the 5th round, it will be Marquez who will be knocked-out between the 6th and 8th round.  That is, if he is not knocked-out by Pacquiao in the earlier rounds.

Good examples are the bodies of Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard that not too muscular.  Their muscular opponents became punching bags after the first few rounds and many were knocked-out on later rounds. 

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4

Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez will be going at each other for the 4th time on December 8, 2012.  This will hopefully be the deciding match for them to prove who is the better boxer.  All their previous matches were not very convincing although Pacquiao floored Marquez on several occasions.

Anyone of them who wins will have to win convincingly via a knockout or show complete dominance in the ring.  Marquez is said to have beefed up his muscles while Pacquiao, on the other hand, is said to have gone back to his original street fighting style.  The counter-punching of Marquez will not work much if Pacquiao fights like his old form.

Quite surely, there will no more be a rematch after this Pacquiao vs Marquez 4.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

PNoy on RP as Tiger economy

Since President P-Noy was elected, there were so many criticisms on how he works and that he did nothing in the Senate when he was still a senator.  Now that he has done a turn around for the country, hardly can you find any criticisms on how he works.

What was admirable with P-Noy was he did not bother about the criticisms said or thrown against him.  Sometimes we look at people for their achievements and expect them to do the same for the country.  Many, if not most, of those people simply had the breaks, connections and luck to get things done.

It seems P-Noy has something different in mind when it comes to doing good for the country.  Recent Philippine presidents before him had so much to say and had so little done.  Maybe P-Noy does not talk back to his critics and just let them see the results.

A person could only be good for a small scope described area of authority that has the right resources.  Binay did good for Makati but his promise in his campaign seems to have no effect yet at all for the country.  He should have finally realized that thePhilippines does not have the proportionate resources as what Makati has.

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Thought about it and wrote this . . . it's like - friends are good but some should not be kept. - rbnstr08

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Philippine Jeepney public transport

The popular jeepney of the Philippines is a common public transportation all over the country.  The jeepney started as a rear two-row-seater at the back converted from WWII MacArthur type Willy's jeeps.  Only three persons can be seated on each row.  In front, beside the driver, two passengers can be accommodated.
Two known manufacturers, Sarao and Francisco Motors, started making longer jeepneys that have either 10 or 12-seaters in the mid-1950s.  This meant larger income from more passengers in a single trip.  Some small motor shops followed suit fabricating longer jeepneys and one big automaker started making the Asian Utility Vehicle (AUV), the Ford Fiera.

From thereon, other major automotive makers joined a government program, Progressive Car Manufacturing Program (PCMP), to manufacture vehicles with high local content.  AUVs were easier and cheaper to manufacture than sedans that started in the mid 1970s.  The passenger capacity of jeepneys were just alright between 12 to 14 passengers.

Now 16 to 20-passengers, or even more, dominate the jeepney transportation lines.  Paying for your fare and getting your change from the driver, passes from one hand to another especially for those who are seated near the entrance.  The sickening thing about having so many "seaters", the jeepney does not leave its terminal until it's full. For jeepneys without terminals, they make frequent stops at loading areas to take on more passengers.  What happens with this is a short trip takes much longer time because of that.

The government, DOTC, are able to regulate taxi cabs' passenger capacity.  But why can't they do this with jeepneys?  Because the top government officials do not ride jeepneys and they don't even bother to take a look at what's happening.  

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Sen. Tito Sotto's plagiarisms

Senator Tito Sotto should have his speech writing staff check on their knowledge about doing speeches.  They admitted that the RH speech was indeed plagiarized and it was even a lawyer, his Chief of  Staff. It seemed after that Senator Sotto just shrugged off their mistake and asked them for a next speech in Tagalog.

So, came his speech in the Pilipino language, that according to him, will no longer be plagiarism.   However, comparing his Pilipino rendition of the speech compared to the original versions, it was obviously a direct translation almost verbatim!  His staff made a fool of him again and he himself to himself.  The speech is known to many as parts of Robert F. Kennedy's speech.

If Senator Tito was not aware that the speeches were just copied, then his staff might be on to something to embarrass him.  His Chief of Staff claims it's a common practice.  He should have cited speeches that were plagiarized to prove his point!

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Philippine Banks & banking laws

Banks are mostly recognized for their roles in a country's economy just like in the Philippines.  It seems that banks all over the world are concerned about loans that are unpaid and go relentlessly after those who owe them.  But, and that is a big but, if they are closed down for mismanagement and inappropriate banking practices, depositors who go after them will have to bear months to know if they can get their money back!

Not only that, the stupid Philippine government does not have anything in its laws to protect the employees of those closed banks!  The rank and file employees simply get a severance pay of one month or a little bit more.  They become jobless after several years of service expecting to retire.  Yes, what about employees who are about to retire in 5 years or less?  The Bangko Sentral and the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) just stick their tongue to them, as if saying "that's what you get for having imbecile employers!"

Employment in the Philippines is still as bad as it was before.  There's very little chance for employees of closed banks to get another job a.s.a.p.  What about those who are about to retire?  They have lost almost everything and would hardly be employed again!  Executives of the closed banks have no worry as they get paid by hiding their bank's secrets and even get employed with sister companies of the banks.

This is one thing that Congress and Senate have to consider because those banks have laundered money that should be take home pays or retirement benefits of their employees!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oil prospects claimed by China is offered up by Philippines

Finally the Philippine government has done something wise about the claims of China.  It has offered out the oil prospects claimed by China that is within the territorial waters of the Philippines.  Oil exploration here would be done by foreign oil exploration companies because hardly any local company could do it.  If China interferes or harasses these companies they will have to deal with the country of these nationalities.

The countries of these nationalities will defend them and the Philippines. The exploration is well within the territorial limits of the Philippines, recognized and accepted by the companies' countries.  Should China meddle with their exploration and threaten them, it would obviously be an aggressive act against those nationalities provoking their countries and the Philippines.

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Heavy rains, Typhoon & suspension of classes

The Philippines is said to be hit by at least 20 typhoons every year.  Stupidly, school year starts on the onset of the rainy season right after summer.  The idiotic Dept. of Education does not change the start of the school year even it is obvious that rains and typhoons will cause suspension of classes.

Okay, so school starts and students are informed that classes will be suspended for high school and lower levels for typhoon signal number 2.  All school level classes are suspended when it is typhoon signal number 3.  For or during heavy rains, it depends on the schools to suspend classes.  Does the government think that college students are immune to the weather at typhoon signal number 2?  We have been students and it is very uncomfortable to attend classes when you are all wet or even when just your shoes are soaking wet!

Can anyone from PAG-ASA or DepEd rationalize the selective suspension of classes at different school levels for those typhoon signals?  Do not reason out that older, taller or more mature people can protect themselves better from inclement weather.  This is a very simple issue that can easily be resolved.  Why make it difficult for Filipinos?  Don't also excuse that it has been a "tradition" because it is one tradition that makes things bad for children going to school.  This is one government stupidity that makes the Philippines having no logic in addressing issues.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

PLDT inefficiency

Internet access was down from 2 p.m. Thursday, July 19, 2012 until early evening of Saturday, July 21, 2012, when I finally got through a CSR of PLDT (that's after 3 days and several tries to contact them!!!).  In every call I did, a recorded message says "Sorry, you may have difficulty to access the internet due to major network failure." So, PLDT admits they have ISP problems that even waiting for hours to get a CSR on the phone was close to impossible!

Finally, I got through a CSR, Saturday 7 p.m. I requsted to speak with a supervisor for assurance that the issue will be attended to immediately within 12 hours.  They tried to troubleshoot over the phone but was not able to fix or even make a conclusion what was wrong.  I gave details on what was going on with connection status and the fixed light-on of the DSL lamp of the modem.  The supervisor said the modem was stable but still we do not have access to the internet.

As I was about to leave the shop, my son suggested that I get a spare modem at home so he could try if it will have the same effect.  In 10 minutes, or less, he called to inform that our shop now had access to the internet!  The tech support of PLDT at 172 surely lacks knowledge or training on how to troubleshoot.  Their inefficiency could have cost us a couple more days lost business until their local technician could come over and find the defect.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Canon MP287 All-in-One printer

Last November 30, 2011, I was persuaded by an employee of Enigma Technologies in Baguio to get the Canon MP287 All-in-One printer instead of the HP All-inOne printer that we were already taking to my car.  He said the Canon had the CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) that would be less troublesome refilling.  It was a good idea, so we went back up to their office to see if it would really only cost me 90.00 pesos more.

In short, I was convinced and exchanged the HP for the Canon.  I was informed also that warranty would be shortened to only 3 months because it is a conversion to CISS.  Just right after 3 months something went wrong and I had to have it serviced.  Then after another 4 months another servicing again that did not really work out well.  When I had the time after  2 weeks, I returned to the service center and the serviceman told me that it was the end of the service life of the printer and needs to be reset.

With all the debate we had, it came out that dealers of Canon purchase the software that could reset the printers.  The serviceman told me that resetting was their only way to profit because they sell the printers at a low price.  This was very disgusting because in less than a year the printer would go useless if I do not have it reset for a fee.  Could this be only in the Philippines?

The best printer I had was an Epson that provided service for more than 10 years and I had it serviced only once.  HP is a second choice for me as any problem I encounter with it is easy to resolve. All had refillable cartridges.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

World's largest- the Philippine Crocodile -

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Bonuan Bangus of Pangasinan

The Milkfish known as Bangus in the Philippines is hardly, or not even mentioned among the species of fish for food in international cookbooks.  Of course, that's aside from those authored by Filipinos. The most delicious of this kind of fish comes from Pangasinan and is referred to as Bonuan Bangus.  Once one has tasted this bangus, it will be hard to savor any other bangus that come from other places.  It can be cooked in different ways and still retain its delicious flavor.  A favorite recipe for this fish is inihaw (grilled) stuffed with minced tomatoes and onions.  The Bonuan Bangus is one that you can easily tell apart from other bangus with the taste of its stomach fat alone.

The Bonuan Bangus are raised in ponds called "palaisdaan" from their fingerling size.  When the fish reach the size of one foot or larger, they are harvested and sold at the market.  There is no reference why it was called Milkfish but this could be the reason as their size at one foot or so is too young against the size of a full-sized adult bangus that could grow to six (6) feet.

I have tasted the adult bangus and it does not have any flavor even close to that of its young.  The flesh is tough and has many tendon or muscle-like meat around it.

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Philippine TV Newscaster mistakes

News-casting in Philippine television has been using the Filipino language for quite some time now.  But it is so disgusting that their news writers put in some wrong words in delivering the news.  For example in English,  a news would go like, "A large residential area was burned down.  There were no reports of casualties and there was no one hurt."  In Tagalog or Filipino it is narrated as, "Malaking lugar ng kabahayan ay natupok ng apoy.  Ayon sa mga balita walang nasawi at wala ring nasugatan."  The word nasugatan means wounded.  It would be more appropriate to use the word nasaktan which directly means "got hurt".

Another is the use of the word "namataan" that means seen or spotted.  It is alright to use it for weather reporting like, "Ang bagyo ay namataan sa sa hilagang-kanluran."  A reporter used the word in reporting an earthquake that occured and said, "Ayon sa mga balita ang epicenter ng lindol ay namataan sa bandang karagatan na malapit sa Bicol."  Instead of namataan, it should have been said "ay nagmula", which means "it came from".

Sport casters have been using the word "bumubulusuk" when referring to "flying fast upwards" when the word really means "on a steep dive".  The right word for flying fast upwards is "pumapailanlang".

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Pacquiao-Bradley judges' Scorecard

Fortunately, a friend at Facebook posted this scorecard of the judges of the Pacquiao-Bradley fight.  Analyzing the way the judges scored for Bradley, Duane Ford had two rounds that were doubtfully given to Bradley.

Duane Ford had Bradley win in rounds   1,      5,  7,  8,  9,  10       and 12
CJ Ross had it for Bradley in rounds          2,  5,  7,  8,       10, 11 and 12
Jerry Roth saw Bradley win in rounds        2,       7,            10, 11 and 12

Round 1 and 9 were given by Duane Ford to Bradley which the other two judges gave to Pacquiao.  Ford's scorecard had  Bradley win straight from Round 5 through 10 to which many will disagree!  Taking out round 1 and 9 from the scorecard of Ford will give Pacquiao the split decision.

An investigation on the scoring must include a slow-motion replay of the bout and let the three judges watch it carefully and point out where and how they saw Bradley as the winner.  Let other boxing judges view it with them to find out how they did the scoring. In basketball, slow motion replay becomes the point of reference when it comes to buzzer-beating winning shots.  Slow motion replay will either absolve them or condemn them.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Using the name of God

The Philippines has a predominantly Catholic population.  Many are, on a personal view, are 'overly' religious to the point that anything that happens or occurs, they attribute to God.  A good example is when some relative or friend survives from an accident or disease, the common statement you hear from their circles is "God is good" or "God is really good".  Taken as it is, it seems alright and very religious in a sense.

But, thinking about it more deeply or what others could term as outside-the-box, it could mean that God was only good to them but not to others who perished in similar accidents!  Winners in contests and games are often those who use the the phrase 'God is good'.  Understanding it well could easily mean that God was not good to the losers!  In short, it could only be taken into context that God is only good to the winners (who are only a few) and not good to the losers who are more in number!

I believe in a God much differently from how others believe their God.  I am not also a religious type of person who professes his faith to look good.  In such circumstances, I would rather say, God has his intentions or plans.  Or, maybe God has another purpose for the turn of events whether it be pleasant or not.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baguio's Wild Morning Glory Climbing Vine
The 'lanot' or 'lanut' is hardy climbing vine of Baguio City that's got purple flowers that opens up at sunrise.  In my curiosity, I searched, better yet googled it, and almost did not find anything like it published online.  It was only when I searched the entire phrase "Wild Morning Glory Climbing Vine" did I find photos and a blog about it.  It was  
called the Ivy-leaved Morning Glory (Ipomea cairica) and is also known in India as 'Mile a Minute vine'.

Curling up to close around 1:00 p.m.
The name Morning Glory is very deserving for the vine as the flowers are open only in the morning!  At 12 o'Clock noon time, the flowers start to slowly curl up and finally closes after an hour or so.  It is a sturdy vine because even if the tips have been cut off from its main "vine stem", the flowers continue to open and close at their designated time of day!

Closing around 1:00 p.m.
Baguio has so many unique plants that are not found elsewhere in the Philippines.  The native Sunflower and Pine Trees are the more popular ones.  There is also the "runo" that resembles and grows like a bamboo.  It is not as hardy and tough like a bamboo.  The inside of it is not hollow instead it is solid.  The "Runo" will deserve a blog and what its name is in English and its scientific name.

Credits to photo on link
This is a similar Morning Glory when it comes to flowers.  The difference can easily be seen with the leaves it has.  The leaves look more like that of the Sweet Potato (Kamote) leaves.
Flowers of the vine at the wires still open and close even it has been cut
The vines that have crept to the electric and telephone wires have been cut from the main vine as of this writing for almost a week now.  The flowers still continue on to open in the mornings and close at noon time.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

China greed at Scarborough Shoal

When China was not yet "commercialized", so to speak, their only concern was to promote their communism within their country.  Nothing really much about claiming ownership of whatever, outside their country.  Now they map the entire South China sea as theirs and their territory including the Scarborough Shoal, which just a little over a hundred kilometers away from the Philippine coast.  Would there be no more international waters anymore at the South China sea?

What if a Filipino or some Filipinos claim that their ancestors too have discovered a part of China, are they willing to leave or give out that area?  History also might have it that Chinese were in the Philippines much earlier than the Spanish and Portuguese, why didn't or don't they lay claim on the Philippines now?  Communist Chinese government officials' thinking are so absurd and ridiculous.  They might make a "Tiananmen Square massacre" at the Scarborough Shoal if the Philippine Coast boats stand their ground there!
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SM Baguio & Louie Garcia

It's been quite some time I have not posted anything on this blogspot.  The issue of SM Baguio was really not much of a concern to me until the planned cutting of 182 Pine trees, within a 1 hectare area, came up to give way for SM's parking space building.  Vigilant Baguio people were able to temporarily put that on hold with their protests.

The issue is a topic that comes up daily at Facebook because of so many events that have happened.  SM earthballed a few trees days ago in the middle of the night.  Observers, as of this writing, already saw the trees starting to wilt.  It is really sad for the people of Baguio because Pine trees could hardly be seen in the central business district anymore.

Going back to Facebook, Baguio people are defending the trees from SM and a multitude of posts and comments could be read daily.  To our disgust, there was an idiot by the name of Louie Garcia who posted this comment on one of the walls:

Translated:  "It is a must that all trees in Baguio should be cut, so it would trigger a landslide that would kill all the Igorots . . . they are too arrogant . . . go SM cut all the trees!!!"

This triggered a succession of shares of this comment posted and angered the people of Baguio with Facebook accounts that saw this.  Something similar to this comment was done by a Filipina abroad when Manila was battered by heavy typhoons some years ago.  Currently, there is an outrage at Facebook for the comment of this idiot Louie Garcia.  Though he may have many namesakes, his profile photo shows and he is the guy we are pointing to and nobody else.
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