Saturday, October 27, 2012

PNoy on RP as Tiger economy

Since President P-Noy was elected, there were so many criticisms on how he works and that he did nothing in the Senate when he was still a senator.  Now that he has done a turn around for the country, hardly can you find any criticisms on how he works.

What was admirable with P-Noy was he did not bother about the criticisms said or thrown against him.  Sometimes we look at people for their achievements and expect them to do the same for the country.  Many, if not most, of those people simply had the breaks, connections and luck to get things done.

It seems P-Noy has something different in mind when it comes to doing good for the country.  Recent Philippine presidents before him had so much to say and had so little done.  Maybe P-Noy does not talk back to his critics and just let them see the results.

A person could only be good for a small scope described area of authority that has the right resources.  Binay did good for Makati but his promise in his campaign seems to have no effect yet at all for the country.  He should have finally realized that thePhilippines does not have the proportionate resources as what Makati has.

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