Monday, September 10, 2012

Sen. Tito Sotto's plagiarisms

Senator Tito Sotto should have his speech writing staff check on their knowledge about doing speeches.  They admitted that the RH speech was indeed plagiarized and it was even a lawyer, his Chief of  Staff. It seemed after that Senator Sotto just shrugged off their mistake and asked them for a next speech in Tagalog.

So, came his speech in the Pilipino language, that according to him, will no longer be plagiarism.   However, comparing his Pilipino rendition of the speech compared to the original versions, it was obviously a direct translation almost verbatim!  His staff made a fool of him again and he himself to himself.  The speech is known to many as parts of Robert F. Kennedy's speech.

If Senator Tito was not aware that the speeches were just copied, then his staff might be on to something to embarrass him.  His Chief of Staff claims it's a common practice.  He should have cited speeches that were plagiarized to prove his point!

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