Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Using the name of God

The Philippines has a predominantly Catholic population.  Many are, on a personal view, are 'overly' religious to the point that anything that happens or occurs, they attribute to God.  A good example is when some relative or friend survives from an accident or disease, the common statement you hear from their circles is "God is good" or "God is really good".  Taken as it is, it seems alright and very religious in a sense.

But, thinking about it more deeply or what others could term as outside-the-box, it could mean that God was only good to them but not to others who perished in similar accidents!  Winners in contests and games are often those who use the the phrase 'God is good'.  Understanding it well could easily mean that God was not good to the losers!  In short, it could only be taken into context that God is only good to the winners (who are only a few) and not good to the losers who are more in number!

I believe in a God much differently from how others believe their God.  I am not also a religious type of person who professes his faith to look good.  In such circumstances, I would rather say, God has his intentions or plans.  Or, maybe God has another purpose for the turn of events whether it be pleasant or not.

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