Sunday, July 22, 2012

PLDT inefficiency

Internet access was down from 2 p.m. Thursday, July 19, 2012 until early evening of Saturday, July 21, 2012, when I finally got through a CSR of PLDT (that's after 3 days and several tries to contact them!!!).  In every call I did, a recorded message says "Sorry, you may have difficulty to access the internet due to major network failure." So, PLDT admits they have ISP problems that even waiting for hours to get a CSR on the phone was close to impossible!

Finally, I got through a CSR, Saturday 7 p.m. I requsted to speak with a supervisor for assurance that the issue will be attended to immediately within 12 hours.  They tried to troubleshoot over the phone but was not able to fix or even make a conclusion what was wrong.  I gave details on what was going on with connection status and the fixed light-on of the DSL lamp of the modem.  The supervisor said the modem was stable but still we do not have access to the internet.

As I was about to leave the shop, my son suggested that I get a spare modem at home so he could try if it will have the same effect.  In 10 minutes, or less, he called to inform that our shop now had access to the internet!  The tech support of PLDT at 172 surely lacks knowledge or training on how to troubleshoot.  Their inefficiency could have cost us a couple more days lost business until their local technician could come over and find the defect.

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Sweet said...

I agree with you. They are really inefficient. I requested for a transfer of location. 48 years yata before nila magagawa

Ma. Dolores Canete said...

I also agree. If you want wrinkles and a lot of kunsumisyon sa buhay nyo..magpakabit kayo ng walang kwentang PLDT na yan...oras oras na lang nag-reconnect..!!! GRRRRRR!!

Ma. Dolores Canete said...

I agree. If you want wrinkles and stress, magpakabit kayo ng PLDT na yan..araw araw na lang nagre-reconnect.napakakupad..3mbps na..para pa ring pagong sa bagal ang supply ng wave..GRRRRR!!!!