Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Heavy rains, Typhoon & suspension of classes

The Philippines is said to be hit by at least 20 typhoons every year.  Stupidly, school year starts on the onset of the rainy season right after summer.  The idiotic Dept. of Education does not change the start of the school year even it is obvious that rains and typhoons will cause suspension of classes.

Okay, so school starts and students are informed that classes will be suspended for high school and lower levels for typhoon signal number 2.  All school level classes are suspended when it is typhoon signal number 3.  For or during heavy rains, it depends on the schools to suspend classes.  Does the government think that college students are immune to the weather at typhoon signal number 2?  We have been students and it is very uncomfortable to attend classes when you are all wet or even when just your shoes are soaking wet!

Can anyone from PAG-ASA or DepEd rationalize the selective suspension of classes at different school levels for those typhoon signals?  Do not reason out that older, taller or more mature people can protect themselves better from inclement weather.  This is a very simple issue that can easily be resolved.  Why make it difficult for Filipinos?  Don't also excuse that it has been a "tradition" because it is one tradition that makes things bad for children going to school.  This is one government stupidity that makes the Philippines having no logic in addressing issues.

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