Monday, July 2, 2012

Philippine TV Newscaster mistakes

News-casting in Philippine television has been using the Filipino language for quite some time now.  But it is so disgusting that their news writers put in some wrong words in delivering the news.  For example in English,  a news would go like, "A large residential area was burned down.  There were no reports of casualties and there was no one hurt."  In Tagalog or Filipino it is narrated as, "Malaking lugar ng kabahayan ay natupok ng apoy.  Ayon sa mga balita walang nasawi at wala ring nasugatan."  The word nasugatan means wounded.  It would be more appropriate to use the word nasaktan which directly means "got hurt".

Another is the use of the word "namataan" that means seen or spotted.  It is alright to use it for weather reporting like, "Ang bagyo ay namataan sa sa hilagang-kanluran."  A reporter used the word in reporting an earthquake that occured and said, "Ayon sa mga balita ang epicenter ng lindol ay namataan sa bandang karagatan na malapit sa Bicol."  Instead of namataan, it should have been said "ay nagmula", which means "it came from".

Sport casters have been using the word "bumubulusuk" when referring to "flying fast upwards" when the word really means "on a steep dive".  The right word for flying fast upwards is "pumapailanlang".

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