Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year's Luck - Filipino Style

Towards the coming of every New Year, Filipinos always look for what would be lucky for them for the coming year.  When Feng Shui became famous, Filipino-Chinese saw the opportunity of making lucky charms out of the practice.  Round objects like coins, fruits and crystals were used in given sets of numbers, said to be lucky.

Prominent TV shows in the Philippines invite people who preach or promote Feng Shui to show viewers what could be or would be lucky for them.  One presenter at the +GMA Unang Hirit show said a door was passive because it is located on the left.  On the left of what?  Then, said that seven (7) coins of various denominations should be kept in a pouch as number 7 is a lucky number.

He proceeded next to the dining table and said there should be a fruit basket that should hold eight (8) round fruits!  Saying 8 is also a lucky number.  (More Chinese, I believe, go for the number 8 as luckier than 7)

It is noticeable that every year, these so called Feng Shui "experts" change what will be needed to prepare for New Year as lucky.  Okay so the Chinese zodiac changes every year - that might be their contention.  The bottom line is, the supposedly 'lucky' things do not make them any more prosperous.

Those who did not have that much luck can ask the "experts" why.  This is where their sales talk comes in.  They will ask for the birth date and time of the unlucky person.  That's when they tell the person he or she needs this and that to get lucky.  For the gullible, they spend or buy more of what the "expert" offers.

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