Tuesday, April 21, 2009

RP Boxing Champions

Donaire and Viloria became instant hits and heroes in the Philippine sports of boxing. I don't recall, if any, something similar to this in the past. Their wins were very convincing even with the under cards that won against non-Filipino opponents.

It was just sad that no matter what channel I tried to look for their televised fight, there was none! I have set that date to watch their fights. Do they need to be Pacquiaos first before full live fight is given coverage by television stations? What if the the Pacman falls in his fight with Hatton? Would these TV stations be scrambling for rights in the future fights of Donaire and Viloria?

It has been that way for Filipino TV stations. Not even a single station was able to air those fights! It was like that then . . . sorry to say . . . it's still the same way now! Okay! So, Donaire and Viloria . . . be ready to up your "ante" if and when Pacquiao fails to win against Hatton!

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