Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Philippine Elections 2010

The Philippine Elections for 2010 is just a little over a year from now. With the passing of the late Corazon C. Aquino, the only son Noynoy Aquino saw the opportunity to take advantage of the situation. Truth is, personally, I prefer Mar Roxas over him. However, the Filipino sentiment of having another Aquino as president seems to prevail. This has caused other presidentiables to find ways and means to counteract the sentiment.

A surprising 'turn-of-event' is Ping Lacson and Erap Estrada exchanging barbs! This is really controversial! Former friends and allies now going at each other? Not really, Erap is from the showbiz and he knows too well that controversies like this could overwhelm the "Noynoy" clamor. Filipinos also know too well that to gain popularity, there must be some controversy! That's how it goes in the Philippine movielandia and so adapted in politics. Next move now for Noynoy is for her sisters to create a controversy. Try to beat that Erap and Ping! Family controversy is more intriguing than friendship controversy!

To the Filipino people, forget about these issues and controversies. It's the cheapest wasy to buy votes for the aspirants. It is hard enough to 'run' a family, what more for an entire nation? Danding Cojuangco never supported Ninoy Aquino and was a staunch ally of the Marcoses. Erap has his family behind him but has other offsprings outside! What's that for family? Ass for Ping Lacson, I really don't know his 'how-abouts' or 'what-abouts'. I categorize him in the same level with Gregorio "Gringo" Honasan. They are great people, but how good they are? That is the question.

Remember this, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo came out on top her senatorial bid, topped as vice-presidential but was much criticized when president. Her biggest mistake was declaring not to run again in a Christmas message - that, to me, was her down fall - she has no word of honor. So in the 2010 elections . . . vote for the ones that are most controversial or popular! Care only for how you feel and not how you really should feel.

By the way, I have not voted in the past since FVR. Registration problems and many other things. It was a good thing because no regrets for those I should have voted for.

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