Saturday, August 6, 2011

Young Filipino dies in New Zealand – Mother in RP denied visa for wake and funeral

Filipino Warren Rosillo, 18, died a horrible death in Auckland, New Zealand from multiple stab wounds from a jealous 17-year old boy.  The mother is in the Philippines in Mindanao and wanted to attend his wake and funeral.  She was not granted a visa by New Zealand immigration because she did not have enough show money.

Is this really how foreigners look at Filipinos?  They have no compassion at all to the point of being insensitive and inconsiderate.  Maybe if this happens to them, it will be only the time they realize the mistake they did.  Unless, those people of the New Zealand immigration do not have family and just came out from thin air.

It will be good if after this, they will have thoughts of making some exceptions in their general rules and policies on granting a visa.  Surely they would have known the news of her son’s death and as human beings they should have felt the mother’s grief!   They have made the grief of Warren Rosillo’s mother even worse!  It's hard to believe that there's even no news story about the mother being denied a visa.

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