Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pinoys executed in China

Three Filipinos, Ramon Credo, Sally Ordinario-Villanueva and Elizabeth Batain executed in China , Wednesday, March 30, 2011, for possession of illegal drugs and suspected drug trafficking.  One of them plead guilty while the others seemed to be innocent victims of drug syndicates.  The laws of China are stirct and there was no way to save them from their fate inspite of the Philippine goverments pleas and requests.  The glimmer of making big money with least effort is simply too attractive to ignore, especially for those who are in a financial fit.

Looking at the Philippine situation when it comes to possession of illegal drugs, manufacture of it and drug trafficking, offenders are no longer worried of death  penalty when caught.  Anti-narcotics agents frequently arrest Chinese nationals for those offenses but I can't recall any instance that China interceded in their behalf and there is a reason on why.

The Filipinos go abroad to work abroad or try to find a decent one.  The Chinese nationals that are arrested because of illegal drug offenses in the Philippines are actually in the country for that purpose!  A good majority of them are not documented!

Some Filipinos abroad are forced into something illegal when in tight situations.  There is a saying in the country, "Ang taong gipit ay kuma-kapit kahit sa patalim" (A person in a tight situation will even hold on to a knifes blade).

NoteThey were all arrested separately in December 2008.  If the Philippines investigated they might have found out the syndicate and not wait for the last minute to appeal! 

UpdateMapet Cortez a.k.a. Tita Cacayan recruiter of Sally Ordinario-Villanueva reportedly submitted herself to the NBI for investigation as she allegedly could not take in her conscience on what happened.  Why come out only now when the poor victim is already dead?

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