Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2010 Philippine Election Results

Sorry about the title, it's not about voting results.  It is about those who lost, especially in the top positions.  This is my first time to see losing candidates conceding to those leading in the race.  They did not even mention anything about being cheated!  They also gave reassuring words to help the winner.  That's more like it!  Finally, they realize they are not in a sporting world where helping the winner could mean more defeat on the losing party's end.

Maybe if Noynoy Aquino and Jejomar Binay win the two topmost positions, the losing candidates will be behind them to support the government.  In doing that, they will clearly show and display what they have been campaigning for.  They should realize that it is not only in winning the elections that they can contribute to the nation's needs.  The winning candidates should show flexibility wherein they could integrate the losing candidates' campaign promises with that of their own.

Filipinos will not mind at all if all of them will be appointed in critical positions in the government.  All of them have great ideas and objectives for the Philippines.  If they all could work on it altogether, I do not see any reason why the Philippines will still be suffering difficulties with that.  With all their campaign promises and pledges, the Filipinos need all.  It's just not possible to vote them all for a single position.

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OFWCorner said...

Yeah, I agree, this is really the first time that the losers didn't say that they were cheated instead accepted the fact that they were not lucky to win the seat. I admire Manny Villar (i didn't voted him) for being the first to concede and admitted that he was not lucky for this years' race. The race is over, hope for a better Philippines and good luck to the new President.