Saturday, October 30, 2010

OFW Agnes Tenorio & Labor Attache Romulo Salud

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) should know what they are getting into and know their options in case something happens like that of Agnes Tenorio.  As for embassies and labor attaches, they should have the decency of providing complete information on the options an OFW has on any given situation!

What Romulo Salud failed to do:
  • Clarify from Tenorio the events and who she had consulted.
  • Provide Tenorio a list of options she can take action for.
  • Advice Tenorio from his best points of view steps she should take.
  • Give her the time to think things over and decide.
What Agnes Tenorio should have done:
  • Made sure she knows how to get in touch with her agency or representative within Hongkong.
  • Consulted her case first before deciding outright. 
  • Inquire from Salud the best she could do at that time (not like a child crying and just wants to go home, then, decides to stay when she finds out there were 'playmates' around)
  • Inquire from Salud if they could get in touch with the agency that got her to HK.
The action of Tenorio of recording the conversation with Salud had ill intentions.  From her published accounts on their first meeting it seemed everything went well.  No reason for her to be suspicious on how things will go on her second meeting with Salud!

In conclusion, both Tenorio and Salud did not do things in the proper perspective.  They are both equally to share the blame of what happened.  It just so happened that Agnes Tenorio is a household help and Romulo Salud a Labor Attache.  In 'David-and-Goliath' like scenarios, it is always David who comes out the good.

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