Monday, January 3, 2011

Filipinos relying on Luck

Many people around the globe believe in luck.  I have not lived in any country outside my own, the Philippines, and that's the reason for this luck blog!  The word "Luck" is "Suwerte" or "Swerte" in Tagalog or Pilipino.  There are many superstious beliefs in our country that may be 'indigenous' or copied from other cultures. The Philippines has been host to several 'rulers' and/or influences like the Chinese, Spaniards/Portuguese, Americans and Japanese.  But, mind you, the Filipinos might just have more superstitions when it comes to luck as against the combined superstitions of all the other cultures and countries.

Here are some, I believe, to be genuine Pinoy superstitious beliefs when it comes to luck:
  • Sweeping away floor dirt out and towards the main door of the house.
  • Cutting of finger nails at night.
  • Paying out money or a debt at night.
  • Leaving much unfinished food on dinner plate.
  • And, many others they claim that should not have been said or done in some hours of a day.
  • Also, some religious beliefs  or superstition that may have something to do with luck.
There are times that they might seem to be 'believable' - but checking on circumstances surrounding them could be a contrubutory factor.  Most of the the time some event that would look like miracluous is equated to luck.  Luck, as I see it is, happens to the right person at the right time and under some special right circumstances that could only be attributed to the previous 'rights'.

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