Friday, July 22, 2011

Offensive smelling food for others

Food in the Philippines are quite unique when it comes to its odor or aroma  that is also uniquely appealing to the Filipino senses.  Pinoys salivate to the aroma of those food while or after being cooked.  These foods are like Tuyo or Daing (dried fish), the condiments are two types of Bagoong (some say similar to caviar) fermented salty tiny shrimps (alamang) or fish (monamon) and Patis (fish sauce) derived from drippings of bagoong fermentation. 

Many marginal Filipinos would be content to have these food and condiments with rice as their meal, in general, for the entire country.  There are regional preferences on how the these are mixed with other food such as vegetables, spices or coconut milk.  Some foreigners who taste or eat them complain of indigestion or stomach troubles but it usually is hypersensitivity to spices or coconut milk ingredients.

Filipino food is a matter getting used to taste and smell.  Most are health food, nutritious and filling with rice!

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