Monday, September 1, 2008

Baguio Day - September 1

Coincidental with the start of this blog today, September 1, 2008, it is the 99th Anniversary of our hometown Baguio City. Sadly, I have very little knowledge of our City's history. The city was founded because of its cool if not cold climate. The cool climate allows for the abundance of Pine trees and wild Sunflower. The city has been dubbed the "Summer Capital" of the Philippines. Another good reason the city was developed was because of the several Gold and Copper mining areas surrounding it. The Kennon Road leading to the city coming from the lowlands was named after the American who took charge of its construction. It was also known as Zig-zag road because it snakes up to the mountain top city.

There are some things unique to the city. It is the only city that has a Presidential Mansion in the country, that's aside from the Malacanang Palace in Manila. The city also boasts of having a Supreme Court and Court of Appeals buildings along with cottages for the Justices and Cabinet Members. The summer court sessions used to be an annual thing. I am not really sure if it still is that way now. The Presidents of the Philippines have always used the Presidential Mansion at least twice or thrice a year.

The premier military school of the country, Philippine Military Academy (PMA), is also located in the city. There could still be two of them military schools had it not been for some financial issues and problems, the Baguio Military Institute (BMI), that closed down in the 1960s. Camp John Hay, an American Military base for rest and recreation was also located there before reverting back to government ownership some time in the 1990s.

That's what the City of Baguio was as far as I know why it was a special city in the Philippines.

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