Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lunch Break

Since the late 1980s, it was no longer convenient to go home for the one (1) hour lunch break. Both for those who go to work and go to school. It might be only convenient for those who live just a stones throw away from school or workplace. What has caused this? Traffic. It has made travel longer and inconvenient going home for an hour of lunch break. Vehicles should make life easier but it has caused some inconveniences. Only a few families could afford to live close to the central business district these days. They would probably be those who own a commercial building or a business in the area.

Until the mid-1980s, our city, the City of Baguio was a pleasant place to go around in a car or just walking. The cold early mornings could still be felt and the refreshing smell of Pine trees was still much around. Taking a ride home was still easy especially for those who live not more than a 15-minute ride away. It was usual then that someone would be at home who has prepared lunch. So, some 20 to 25 minutes could be used to eat and watch some TV and still be on time to go back to school or work. Many people were still residing within the central business district. When the city needed more office or business spaces, rentals within the business district went high for commercial use. This meant people had to reside farther away and had started having difficult time to go home for lunch breaks. Living farther calls for a need of vehicles - more vehicles caused traffic. And that is how it is now in our city.

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