Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What are the changes in education?

There are so many changes in school education and maybe those of us who are 40 years old and above, would no longer be 'current' to what is being taught in school.  This is especially true with the math, science and electronics technology subjects!

Since my four children have been going to school in 1988 to the last that went to high school in 2009, their text books change every year!  In short, does it mean that what children learned in school the past year is no longer good for those coming in that school level the following year?  Books are major costs in education every year with private schools.  Public schools, well most of them, are content with their books that are hand-me-downs or donated.

In my last year in high school that was in 1971, we were using standard books rented out by the school library.  Those who are from our generation are good.   After college, it was incumbent upon us to learn along the way in our lives.  We coped up.  So what's the difference between now and before?  That way I look at it, the difference is just the cost.  The quality before is even better than now.  Sad to say . . .

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