Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bus Hostage taking Results

The bus hostage taking results are as follows:
  • 8 hostages perished
  • Ground commander on indefinite leave
  • Autopsies show that shots fired on hostages were fired from more than 3 feet
  • Shots on Rolando Mendoza: Forehead; two near base of neck; both hands and both feet; all with traces of powder burns except for the shot in the head
  • Raiding squad leader sacked
  • Some other raiding members either sacked or re-assigned
  1. Rolando Mendoza knows that if he had locals as hostage - results could be whitewashed; any survivor could be threatened if anything improper is said against authorities.  Foreigners can not be threatened by authorities in the same way.  This can not be be doubted because as a police officer he knows how they work around incidents like this.
  2. Those responsible were given due actions because it is somewhat like an international incident where they could not hide the facts from Interpol.  If the hostages were locals there will no international intervention and local authorities could juggle the investigation as they wish.
  3. Ground commander accuses Gregorio Mendoza of encouraging his brother not to give up.  The statement can only be testified to by the negotiators and the bus driver.  Whose side are they on?

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