Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dormitory Boom in Baguio City

Does the dormitory boom in the city of Baguio shows that student population is increasing with the cost of education?  New 3 or 4-storey, or maybe more, dorms have been constructed near the junction of upper Bonifacio and General Luna Streets!  These are the streets having very heavy traffic because of proximity to the schools and hospitals.  Aside from that, the streets are also a route for jeepney public transportation that comes from heavily populated residential areas.  Drivers of these type of public transportation do not care where they stop to unload or load a passenger.

The dormitories will cause heavier traffic because there are no sufficient sidewalks for students to walk on.  So, they will be practically walking on the narrow two-lane streets.  It used to be that students prefer to stay in dorms outside of the city business center because of much lighter traffic then.  What used to be just a 10-minute travel can be 30 to 45-minute ride!  Students too have become lazy to walk and many of them now take two rides to be at the school doorstep!  Considering the cost of two-rides, one way, might equate to the same cost of staying in a dorm at the city business center!

What used to be a real conducive place for education like Baguio City is no longer that conducive.  It's only the climate of the city that still attracts many students.  The climate though is getting a little bit warmer with more people.

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