Thursday, April 21, 2011

Avoiding sunburn

Summer time again in the Philippines and a lot of folks would like to cool themselves at beach resorts and swimming pools.  Those who would be bathing in the seas without skin protection will most likely suffer from sunburn.  The itch of sunburn followed by peeling skin definitely is more irritating than sweating in the summer heat.   Facial and back sunburn are most common because they are exposed to the sun more often and dry faster than other parts of the body.

As a habit when coming from a swim, most people wipe their head and face first.  Doing it frequently will cause the skin to be sun-burnt.  The upper back torso and nape get sunburned because people turn their back against the sun.  It's rare for people to face the sun after a dip in the waters. 

I experienced getting facial sunburn even when not in the beach or pool.  Once, I had the habit of always having on  hand a face towel to wipe sweat off my face while under the sun.  I sweat profusely on my face and head that makes me look like coming from a shower.  After a whole day of sweating and wiping them off, I felt okay and relieved.  The following morning I felt a burning sensation on my face and was surprised to see it sunburned!

So avoid or prevent sunburn after coming from a swim in ocean waters or swimming pool, don't wipe off the water from your face and body unless, of course, you don't intend to get back in the waters.  Stay under a shade and let the your body shed off the water and dry slowly.  The other good thing for this is your body and skin slowly transitions from the water temperature to the air temperature.  This will not let you shiver too much.

Okay!  So have a nice summer time without having to worry about having a sunburn with this little tip.

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