Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Visitor arrogance in Baguio

Being with Facebook, with many friends to boot in Baguio, is really worth it.  It gives value and meaning to what and who we are in Baguio. They have stories to tell and some are unimaginable about what visitors can do against a local or locals.  The original people of Baguio City are inherently courteous, very accommodating and respectful to visitors.  This is something that many outsiders do not know.  We, who drive, know how to give way to vehicles going uphill when we're going downhill, and much more, give way to pedestrians (that's rarity from lowland drivers).  We were one of the first city to understand and respect the pedestrian lanes.

There are those who claim they are from Baguio but actually has been there only for less than ten (10) years.  A bona fide Baguio local would have his or her roots in the city way back 40 years or more.  Many of those who have been in Baguio for less than ten (10) years will not really know the true values of original Baguio inhabitants.  That's why when I tell stories, even to my children, how Baguio was in the 1960s and that my step-grandfather was the first District Forester of the City, they are awed.  Many of us originals wish the Baguio of old will be back.

I came across a troubling story at Facebook from one Baguio lass after a reckless action of a visitor driver.  She was treated with arrogance by the rude driver of a convoy vehicle that organized "Le Tour de Filipinas".  The idiot reckless driver did not know he was showing arrogance to someone connected to the local tabloid!  A companion, or  maybe his boss, did even bother to discipline him at the onset!  I wanted to post the article here but it consists of four paragraphs. Anyway there are links below to that article at Facebook and you can just click on them to read the whole story of the Baguio visitor's arrogance.

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