Saturday, May 28, 2011

PBA - why I lost interest watching

The PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) is the professional basketball league of the Philippines.  Prior to that, it was known as MICAA (Manila Inter-Commercial Athletic Association) andI was really a big fan until its transition to PBA.  The transition saw the league turn into something like the NBA.  The sad thing is the PBA even imitated the NBA Logo!  The good thing is that the players were not imitating NBA players on their moves, shots and passes during those days.  The last time I remember watching a full PBA game was when Vergel Meneses, Alan Caidic, Alvin Patrimonio, Jojo Lastimosa, Johnny Abarrientos and the likes were still active.

Since that time, I hear from my sons that several new players of the PBA were trying hard copycats of NBA players!  Another thing, the tall Filipino players who play the position of "Center" are not even being trained on ball handling!  I have heard before and still hear now from some coaches and trainers telling these tall guys to just focus on rebounding and blocking and forget about ball handling!  That's the reason why the Philippines has not improved and even retrogressed in the sport compared to their status before the 1970s.

They've also imitated the NBA in focusing in defense.  In defense there are many flaws especially in height compared to other nations.  Also, players get fouls and give opportunities to opponents to get free throws!  The Filipino coaches should focus on offense and high scoring.  No matter how good they can defend, if they can not shoot and score, they still lose.  One more false belief is they call high percentage shots those that are closer to the basket.  Nonsense!  The closer a player shoots near the basket the more defenders there are and its more crowded!  And, shorter players will need superman skills to make their shots good!

Even TV commentators are taken for a ride by foolish if not stupid moves!  They commend and appreciate moves that are not necessary!  One example is:  They talk about a no-look pass by a player who does it just for show.  No one guarding him and likewise no one guarding the pass recipient!  Commentators even tag those players as elite!  What's wrong with all those guys?!?

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SyndicateHunter said...

Very Zmart commentz about PBA! Take note: you haven't even added yet the zo-called "philam playerz" to ruin the draft hopes of our playerz from uaap, ncaa, and other collegiate leagues; The players who are more of a fat, than of a cutz and muzclez; Commentatorz who are uzing the zame wordz of the commentatorz from the nba zuch az calling the ball "the leather".