Saturday, June 25, 2011

Typhoons and monsoon rains

Typhoons hit the Philippines at least 20 times a year.  Before this year, the weather bureau have named them with the first letters following the Tagalog alphabet.  It surprised me for this year, the first letter of typhoon names are now following the English alphabet!  They could be running out of Tagalog human names but it is no excuse.  The codenames could be simple Tagalog words instead.  Anyway the typhoons are given international names so there's no concern for other nationalities to be asking what kind of language the names are given to them.

Another thing is the weather bureau PAG-ASA could not even predict well the path and rains the typhoons would bring.  The truth is I am more concerned about monsoon rains a storm will carry with it.  It causes more floods and destruction with continuous rains for days, unlike the typhoon itself that could only take a day or two.  Typhoons signal are the basis for communities to take caution.  The heavy monsoon rains should also be categorized and also forecasted what areas will experience downpour!

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