Friday, September 13, 2013

Pork Barrel - Philippines

Since the Janet Napoles issue came out, several politicians were linked to her by "photo".  Several photos of her with prominent Philippine politicians came out but does not necessarily mean that they have coursed their pork barrel through her foundations.  Quite surely there are many people who have photos with politicians and if ever they did anything wrong, that does not mean the politician with them in a picture had something to do with it, right?

There are also politicians who deny knowing her and a photo with Napoles does not necessarily mean they know her.  The problem with some of us Filipinos is that we are quick to conclude.  We have to accept that whenever there is an opportunity to have a photo with a celebrity or politician, we are so eager to get in with them in pictures.

The point here is investigators should now come up with names and proof that the politicians indeed funneled their pork barrels through her foundations.  That should also include the people in government agencies that have been dealing with them directly in processing the PDAF that Janet Napoles made a lot of money from.

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