Thursday, October 10, 2013

Burnham Park - Baguio City

The Baguio Burnham Park no longer allows parking on the streets around the lake.  Some people who drive their cars to work used to park there because of lack of parking space elsewhere.  It did not matter to them if it was quite a walk to their offices.  Malcolm Square has been closed for a long time now because it was converted to "istambayan" when it was one of the original parking spaces in Baguio!

Some time ago, corrupt officials allowed Jadewell to conquer the parking spaces along the streets of Baguio to make them pay parking.  This was contested and now gone but maybe a case is still being heard in court.  The parking area beside Ganza is now useless because of this.

The city now made the former site of the Public Library in Burnham Park as parking area.  Php 40.00 for the first hour!  I did not bother finding out how much it would be for the succeeding hours.  Compare this to parking at SM that is covered and secure that only costs Php 35.00 for the whole day and that of Baguio Cathedral that charges only for Php 20.00 for the first hour.  If less than an hour it's free.

Why are the city officials less concerned while private people understand that parking space in Baguio is very limited and make them available at lesser cost?  Is it because no more pork barrel to get money from?
It pays to exercise in Burnham Park

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