Monday, July 6, 2015

Baguio Road Rehabilitation

Many of us employees and Baguio car owners are experiencing too much traffic and vehicle congestion.    This is due mostly to rehabilitation of roads that are causing so much trouble due to their condition and accommodation.  Yes, it is a pain to go through traffic unlike it was before.  Longer routes mean more fuel consumption for most motorists.

Looking on the longer run, this might just help ease traffic in the future, especially for students and the working mass.  Road widening is most of what is happening.  Widened roads will mean nothing if drivers are not disciplined or if traffic enforcers will not see to it that the law is followed.

In this sense, it should come both from drivers and law enforcers to make this a reality.  If you love Baguio City as much as we do, please follow city ordinances and traffic rules to avoid misunderstanding.  PLEASE GIVE WAY TO VEHICLES GOING UPHILL WHEN IN BAGUIO CITY.  Thank you.

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