Wednesday, June 22, 2016

2016 Elections

The May 9, 2016 Philippine elections is over but issues regarding cheating has not ended.  Towards the end of June 2016, electoral protests will be filed by some losing candidates.  The most controversial is the VP position that many considered to have been rigged by Smartmatic's intervention in changing the hash code. There are also allegations that election results from some provinces were tampered with.

President Rodrigo "Digong" Duterte (DU30) has clearly won the presidential race by around 6 million over the 2nd placer.  His win shows that those who voted for him wanted to see real change in government. Presidents before him had nothing much to show in improving the countries situation.  The last administration shows that the country was made as Shabu capital of the world.  In fact, the world's largest maximum security prison, the New Bilibid Penitentiary (NBP) manufactures Shabu!

With the incoming President of the Philippines much is expected from him, his cabinet and PNP Chief to rid the government of corruption.  Quite surely he and the PNP chief will be able to cut down drug pushing, drug lords and criminality to manageable levels.  The recent spate of arrests and killings of drug lords is definitely a move by people to eliminate them so they will live to talk to point their protectors.  President Duterte does not have a hand on the killings as he is still to take oath on June 30, 2016.

The current administration still calls the shots when it comes to peace and order until their last day in office.  Authorities that conducted the recent raids on drug lords would not even say why they only conducting these operations only now.  They could have done this months if not years ago.

Can this be related to an alleged plot to assassinate the Philippine president and his PNP chief?  There is a denial from 16 NBP inmates from Bldg. 14.  But there are more inmates and other buildings.  How good is the manifesto signed by them?

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