Monday, December 20, 2010

Let's do something by leading not ranting

We are all well-meaning to see Baguio City again as it was or probably just preserve what we could of it.  We may be an organization shouting silently within ourselves that we want Baguio back on how or what it should be.  We can make protests and rallies but no one would just listen.  Why don't we start by setting an example that others might follow. 

Here's an example that I saw first in Batangas City during the wake of our grandfather in the mid 1980s:

Our Uncle Ted is a respected man in their barangay.  He initiated putting 'waste' in plastic bags and hang them high enough outside their wall so stray dogs can't reach them.  He just told the barangay how practical and clean it would be disposing of waste and plastic bags.  In short - every resident in the barangay followed the example.

In Baguio City, I am not sure if we started it first, but I am quite sure I was amazed seeing my wife do it.  I even bent a reinforcement bar from the top of our fence to help her hang our 'garbage' plastic bags then.  No - we still didn't have segregation of recyclables from non-recyclables then.  Not for long, many neighbors were doing the same - then almost anywhere you go around Baguio.  Maybe some others would claim they started it - but who cares - as long as it is being done.

If only genuine Baguio people can initiate something like that it is more worthwhile than ranting for everything we want for the City of Baguio.  Usually petitions or printouts get attention only if it is 'endorsed' or signed by a million people.  How could we have that when Baguio has than half a million in true and permanent residents?

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1 comment:

Tom said...

Ma-arte at maaryek sila! kaya hindi nagrerecycle...

Sa mga palengke hindi at kailan man ay hinid nila ginagawa at hindi rin magagawa o talagang ayaw lang din gawin...