Thursday, December 16, 2010

Save Baguio City Causes, Groups and Organizations

Looking around the place where you were born, raised and has raised your own family, memories of your childhood and youthful days come back. Sometimes tears would even well up in your eyes reminiscing the good old happy and carefree days. That’s how it is with us, the ‘old-timers’ of Baguio City. Many others also who used to come to Baguio regularly during Christmas and summer breaks ‘look’ for that ‘old feeling of Baguio', the City of Pines – the Coolest Place in the Philippines.

Photo courtesy of Willie Magtibay at FaceBook

As of now, the year 2010, there have been many groups, organizations and causes doing their best efforts to save what has remained of Baguio City. If there was a way to return the city to its former glory, they would! But that is already impossible. The best that could be done is to advocate cleanliness, discipline and respect for the city.

Efforts and intention of the groups like 'Kafagwayan' and 'Save Baguio' at Facebook are grand but it could hardly be done the way they want it. The best way to do it is to start from a well defined place or area and the specified work that needs to be done. All of the organizations can pick their own then subsequently work towards a common project.

The biggest problem though is getting the support of the city officials. Their main concern is to address the issues at hand which may not be parallel to the issues of the organizations. Vehicular and pedestrian traffic is the main problem especially in the central business district. The city tried overpasses and flyovers but they hardly eased the traffic. Now some organizations denounce those structures and say it is un-Baguio like!

If only these organizations can join forces and have each define a specific work they would want to work on to save Baguio. It will be better instead of all of them practically wanting to do everything, in the end nothing happens or is achieved.

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