Friday, December 24, 2010

New attraction at Camp John Hay

Beside the Amphitheater, a new attraction cum entertainment is going on.  It is called the “TreeTops”.  It is not exactly for all though, as there are some physical and fitness requirements for one to enjoy them.  Of course it will cost something as it is operated by an entity other than Camp John Hay management.
Thanks to Reich Francisco for sharing this foto.
The cheapest is ‘Trekking’ that will be 100 pesos per person.  This is recommended for the faint-hearted and scared of heights. What many might find thrilling is the “Superman Ride” where you would be on a harness in the prone position, holding on to a bar and the feet ‘hooked’ behind another bar.  This is like the “zip line” but moves quite fast, one forward and one backward trip.  A slower zip-like line is the “Silver Ride” where the rider is in an upright harness.  The feet stand on a bar while hands holding on to a higher bar.

Fotos compliments of Reich Francisco thru FaceBook
 There is also the canopy ride where you are seated on a harness – similar to ski lifts.  This would take you through the treetops that give an excellent view of the surroundings.  The ride will involve transfers from one tower to another.  Another that some would find thrilling will be the “Tree-Drop” from a height of 60 feet.  Those taking the tree-drop are warned not to grab the cable in the process as it could cause ‘hand burn’.

Packages are offered should there be those who would want to try at least three different thrilling experiences.  The physical and fitness requirements to enjoy these Camp John Hay attractions are:  Height: Not below 3’6” (or 3’9” I think); Age: Not for those below 10 years old; Must not be pregnant and does not have any heart condition.

Note:  This is not an advertisement – I just discovered this yesterday.  It is quite new because developments are still on-going.

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