Friday, February 25, 2011

EDSA Peoples Bloodless Revolution

There are only a few of us who realize and finally have analyzed what the EDSA peoples revolution 1986 was about.  True, Ferdinand Marcos would have plundered the nation in his years in power.  But comparing to what the Philippines is in now and what it was then before 1986, I would have preferred it then.  There were unscrupulous people close to Marcos that time, that he was not able to control.  Former President Fidel Ramos would have been a better Chief of Staff than Fabian Ver!  There is a video on how Ver reacted during the EDSA Revolt and his actions obviously showed how he wanted to hang on to power.  It was Marcos cool head that was calming Ver!  That alone is a very good example on why and how the military abused the trust of Marcos.  Former Pres. Ramos knows that with Enrile, and would have been the real cause of their going against Marcos.

Having been close to a family of one of Marcoses trusted people in government, there was really no ill-intention from the side of Marcos.  It was just those kiss-ass people and those who wanted to get rich quick who ruined Marcos' plan for the Philippines.  He was simply 'handcuffed' by the people to whom he owed something, favor or whatever.  He could not control them anymore.  In my personal opinion, that was the case in the assasination of Benigno Aquino Jr.,  Marcos would not be that stupid to mastermind the assasination because he knows it will be against him.

Who was the culprit that masterminded the assasination?  Your guess is as good as mine.  To narrow down the guessing, who are those who would lose most if Benigno Aquino Jr. was able to live through?  Very few of them in government but it will be more of those business people living the luxury of their lives without Ninoy!  Just check who they were before during the Marcos years, what and where they are now.

Having been in business during the time of Marcos and now, is a far cry.  As long as you did not cross the line with the military then everything is good.  Now, cross any line between big business people and the military whatever you do will be in jeopardy!  Crimes before were not as how they are now.  Criminals now can get all kinds of firearms and do their thing!

The EDSA Peoples Bloodless Revolution just changed the people in power and doing the abuse.  A repeat of history has happened with Gloria Arroyo becoming president then Noynoy Aquino now.  My best bet to be the next president is Bong-bong Marcos.  The repeat of history with Bong-bong might just be the best after all the others.

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