Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Suicide of Gen. Angelo Reyes

The events surrounding Gen. Angelo Reyes' death is a question to many of us.  Was it really because he was guilty or was he unable to sustain a military officers' sanity in the state of depression?  It is a difficult situation to say in what state of mind he was in.  Normally, a well schooled officer, dedicated and one who has made achievements in the military profession will not ever consider suicide in the worst of conditions.

My personal conclusion is this:  He wanted to give his family a convenient and good life that is why he did whatever he did, except suicide.  Military people don't get a decent income compared to sacrifices they have to do, so don't blame graft and corruption if ever they get into it.  A story told by my deceased geologist brother was about really hungry troops coming from a tedious patrol, wanted to buy produce bound for market.  They were willing to buy at the fair market price!  The vendors declined.  It was at that point that the military people pointed their guns at the vendors to sell!

WTF, is this what they say as military abuse? No!  It is the people who force them to do that!  Just imagine that they were protecting these same people who are now denying them food and nutrition!  In  Gen. Angelo Reyes case it might or could be the same except for the fact that he did not have the balls to get his act together.  His side of the story could be a similar story to what I have just narrated here.  It is really difficult to justify ones actions with suicide.

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