Friday, March 12, 2010

Globe Broadband

A couple of articles earlier, I posted about the sudden poor service of PLDT DSL and I was about to change over to a another ISP, Globe Broadband.  My wife encountered them because they were doing a house-to-house campaign to get broadband internet subscribers.  The Globe representatives were boasting of internet speed of up to 1.0 MBPS.  They offered a choice of land line or wireless internet connection.  After testing our neighbors speed of Globe land line internet, it showed a download speed of over 1.0 MBPS but upload was a mere 0.38 MBPS.  At that that time, it was a lot faster connecting to the internet and accessing websites compared to our ISP!  I decided to change over at that point.

On the first week of March, I requested the agents of Globe broadband to install the line before 10th so that it would coincide with the last bill from my ISP.  The agents assured me the line will be installed definitely much earlier.  By the 8th there was still no word from the agents.  They only showed up lunch time on the 9th and I was already pressed for time.  To my surprise, they were going to install wireless instead of land line internet connection.  To cut the story short, I said that I wanted to test the wireless first.  The agents did not show up instead the installers arrived on the 11th.  I informed that I wanted to test the wireless first.  We did and what a let down it was!  Upload hardly hit 0.33 MBPS and download was no better than 0.28 MBPS!

If it was just plain internet connection maybe it would have been fine.  The problem is, my sons and I do lot online and that slow internet speed will not work for us.

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