Saturday, March 6, 2010

PLDT DSL Service

The Philippines premier telecoms company PLDT seems to be negligent on what is said when you call their 172 DSL repair service, ". . . for the high quality of service we provide you . . .". It will be unfair if I would say that this went on since we subscribed. Since we subscribed to their DSL internet connection in January or February of 2007 until December 2009, I would say their service was excellent. No real issues to complain about. I think I only called 172 twice or thrice during that span of time and the issues were resolved immediately. That was then.

But from January 2010 to present their service to us was terrible. When you call 172, you could hardly understand their representatives' opening spiel. (I worked with 2 call centers, that's why I know). You can't even get their names clearly because they seem to be in a hurry to end the call! In the past 2 days, I have called them about 3 times (I think), because PLDT DSL problems were persistent. Twice they did a call back to ask if everything is alright. Yes, it was alright but after 8 to 12 hours, there goes the problem again! On the last call I made, I was already soooo pissed off that I told them, I would be changing over to another internet service provider (ISP). Maybe it was a supervisor who called me back immediately right after and asked about my problems. I told her to go over the history of my calls so she would know because I am already quite decided to change ISP. Not long after her call, the Tech department in our area called and wanted to troubleshoot my PLDT DSL connection. I asked, why only now?(obviously they want to retain my account). He said that it was only now that they got a ticket from the 172 service! I told him that in every call I made to 172 a ticket was submitted to them for resolution and that was since January 2010! He said what they received was the one they got now!

Anyway, it just shows the 172 service and technical departments do not coordinate and maybe one of them, or both, are lying! There is something going on and it could be due to Smart Communications having a hard time getting DSL subscribers because that company is also part of PLDT now! It is difficult to corner a market that would have two competing services. It is well known that the Smart Broadband is slow compared to PLDT DSL. While I am writing this I am about to leave to change over to another ISP. I tested a neighbor's ISP connection of that company and it shows the Upload was significantly slower compared to its Download. What is important though is it can connect to web site servers. I do work online at home and it is important that I can connect to web sites where I can make researches.

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